Indoor Plants That Make Rooms Cooler

Indoor Plants That Make Rooms Cooler

You can add indoor plants to make the room look more beautiful, the presence of plants in the dwelling can also improve air circulation. However, not all plants can be placed indoors. Plants that are relatively tolerant to being placed indoors have several physical criteria such as a soft stem structure, a large number of leaves and a relatively short size. With easy maintenance, here are several types of indoor plants that you can place in a corner of your home and make the room cooler:

1. Aloe Vera


Planting aloe vera or better known as aloe vera as an ornamental plant for room decoration has many benefits. Its maintenance, which tends to be easy, makes many people interested in using aloe vera as an indoor plant. Aloe vera can also be grown in small pots so it doesn’t need a lot of space. Aside from being an ornamental plant, aloe vera can also be used as a wound healer, as well as a stimulant or vitamin to nourish hair and maintain healthy hair. Just weed it occasionally, you can get a beautiful aloe vera plant.

2. Spider Plants

This ornamental plant is very easy to maintain and also cultivated. If the stems touch the ground, this plant that originates from South Africa will quickly take root. Spider plant is very suitable to be grown indoors because it grows well only with indirect sunlight. This plant is also said to be able to absorb toxins, chemicals, and clean the air.

3. Anthurium Flowers

The unique, varied and beautiful leaf shapes make this bright red anthurium flower indoor plant worthy of being chosen as a residential decoration. Choose anthurium flower seeds that vary, from coin-sized leaves to plate-wide mature leaves. For tiny dwellings, choose a mini type of anthurium flower.

4. Sanseviera

Sanseviera or an ornamental plant which is popularly known as Mother-in-law’s tongue has the main character of leaves that are hard, upright, and have a tapered tip. Mother-in-law’s tongue is also very easy to care for, you just water it once or twice a week. Too much water will only invite bacteria and disease. Don’t forget to pay attention to the care of the leaves so they don’t break easily. This ornamental plant is able to absorb pollutants in the room so that the air in the room will feel cleaner.

5. Betel Ivory

This beautiful plant, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a vine that can live in soil and water. Its extraordinary adaptability makes it very easy to breed. Only by picking the stems and sticking them in a planting medium or pot of water, can these plants grow big. To keep it looking beautiful, change the water at least every two or three days.