Ornamental plants adorn the yard of the house which automatically gives a more beautiful impression to the outside appearance of your home. So, what about the appearance in your house? Ornamental plants which essentially function to beautify actually also have another function, namely to nourish the air, and this has an impact on the health of the body. This benefit is also ideal if stored indoors. This happens because living plants produce clean oxygen so that humans who breathe it will feel fresh, not stuffy and cool. In this online store, we have created a special category for indoor plant products or often called indoor plants, if abroad they are called ornamental plants. But maybe there are some of you who like to read the introductory description first, please listen to the discussion below by our team.

Here are some reasons for an indoor room or room that needs to be given ornamental plants as well as recommendations for good ornamental plants for several rooms such as in the house, bedroom, bathroom or office:

Home sweet home, a simple term used to describe the feeling of being comfortable and at home when you are in your own home. Like in a homemade palace. Whether or not someone is in the house is not seen in terms of size, but usually in terms of comfort. A clean, cool and fresh house is synonymous with comfort and will affect the good mood of the people who live in it, on the other hand, a house that is dirty, claustrophobic and stuffy will usually help a bad mood for its owner.

The comfort of the house is also taken advantage of by the minimalist but attractive layout. Actually there are many ways to have a minimalist and attractive house, but it seems that the cost to get it is quite expensive, because it must be supported by choosing modern household furniture or painting the walls of the house with paint that is cool to the eye. However, it requires a lot of money. One way that should be tried is by applying living ornamental plants as ornaments to decorate the room at the same time as healthy.

If the house is the palace, then the room is the throne. Because the room is the only lounge where we can feel like a king. A resting place to restore the body’s energy which is exhausted during the day’s activities, a place to release affection for a married couple is also the best place to learn. If the room is messy and stuffy, of course, you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, something is needed to make the room look fresher, cool and beautiful with the use of ornamental plants.

Then at the office. Offices are synonymous with a monotonous atmosphere. This is because activities in the office are active and busy, making people who work easily tired, or even stressed. Therefore, green ornamental plants are needed to relax the tense nerves of employees.

Even in the bathroom, even if it is given ornamental plants, the natural impression will give appeal and add to the natural impression. What a dream bathroom … You can be sure that you will diligently take a shower every day because you feel at home for a long time in the bathroom,

Here are some options about houseplants to use indoors to clean the air:

Aloe Vera

This hair-fertilizing plant turns out to be able to kill harmful chemicals in the air, such as benzene and formaldehyde. Aloe vera plants planted in mini pots and still small, suitable for storage in the bedroom or bathroom. In addition to beautifying the room decoration, it also provides coolness and freshness for the users of the room. Meanwhile, aloe vera that is already large, can be stored in an even larger room, such as the living room of your house.

Small aloe vera can be placed on the work table, lined up in the bedroom or bathroom window.

Garber Daisy

This garber daisy or gerbera daisy has cheerful colors. It is ideal if placed in the bathroom or bedroom because it gives the impression of vibrant, fresh and beautiful colors. Make people feel at home for long in the room because the beauty of the flowers is so attractive. It’s just that this one is suitable for decoration of cut flowers, because the reason is that the daisy flower is not suitable for growing indoors, requires direct sunlight or quite a lot.

Garber Daisy is a popular cut flower that can be used as a medium for indoor decoration.

For a large living room size, the Bambi palm can be used as a living ornament to decorate the room. Because of its large shape, it can also be placed in the office lobby.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

This pure white flower like a tulip bud grows steadily with its deep green leaves. This ornamental plant is ideal if kept on the side of the bedroom window which will provide fresh oxygen intake, build a good mood in the morning and give a soft and comfortable touch to your room. For the peace lily product itself, we provide two (2) types: regular (non-variegated) and variegated.

The room of the house will feel cooler with the placement of Peace lilies in it.

Heart-Leaf Philodendron

This plant has a leaf shape that is almost the same as the betel leaf. Heart-shaped or heart-shaped growth that is also creeping. The leaves are poisonous because of their high absorption of airborne pollutants. Suitable for planting in hanging pots and stored as a decoration for the walls of the house. It can also be in the balcony of the room or in the window of the room by letting the leaves propagate to the side of the window. Besides heart-leaf philodendrons, you can also choose other types of philodendrons

The beautiful Heart leaf philodendron plant can be placed in the shower to absorb stubborn toxins or pollutants.

Dragon Tree

Dragon tree is a species of the genus Dracaena leaf ornamental plants. It grows tall with tough stems and long, dark green leaves. This shrub is able to grow tall so it is suitable to be placed in the corner of the house or office. Its ability to absorb toxins in the air caused by gasoline, varnish and no doubt.

The corner of the office waiting room or living room can be the right position to place this air purifier plant.

Boston fern

Boston fern is capable of cleansing and moisturizing the air. This makes it very suitable if placed in the room so that when you sleep, your skin will not dry out. In addition, it can also be placed in the bathroom because basically Boston fern likes slightly humid areas.

Boston ferns are small, grown in small containers, will look tiny on the buffet table in your room.

Flower cactus

Flower cactus with various shapes planted in small pots will look so cute and cute. Suitable to be placed in the bathroom to beautify the interior, also placed on the study table in the bedroom. Apart from cleaning the air, it will also make the mood better and more stable. We provide various kinds of cactus at seedbunga.com, both flowering and non-flowering ones.

Flower cactus combined with a cute container or pots can be more attractive if placed in the bedroom, bathroom, or even on the desk.

Those are some anti-pollutant plants that can be placed indoors. The average plants that we mentioned above (except gerbera daisy and chrysanthemum) can grow perfectly indoors because they only need a little water intake and can last long indoors without sunlight. Everything can be used as an alternative to make your home and office more beautiful, beautiful, cool and most importantly make you grow and live in a healthy environment. There are lots of plants that can be used as an alternative choice of indoor plants, we will discuss it on another occasion, of course, if you like this article.

Indoor Air Purifier Ornamental Plants
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