The rainy season makes people and homeowners have to be prepared for the potential for heavy rain accompanied by strong winds. The rainy season also has the potential to make your house leak or seep on the roof or walls. The condition of small cracks in parts of the house can make water flow and damage parts of the house. For this reason, homeowners should prepare themselves by checking parts of the dwelling to prevent more severe damage from being exposed to rain. The following is how to care for the house before the rainy season:

1. Check the condition of the house

Rainy Season

Check the condition of the house. During hot weather, checking can be done by looking at the condition of the house, such as seepage marks on the ceiling, bubbly walls, and mold, cracks on the outside walls. When it rains, also check the entire room for signs of water entering causing leaks and seepage.

2. Clean the drains

Water channels have a very important role. Cleaning drains is something that you must do. Clean drains, such as drains on concrete roofs. Don’t let any garbage clog so it doesn’t cause standing water for too long.

3. Self repair

Do your own repairs in an easily accessible part of the house. The outer wall area of the terrace, for example, can be repaired independently by peeling off the old, bad paint and coating it with a reliable leak-proof coating.

4. Waterproofing

Choose an effective waterproofing product. Product selection also affects the long-term investment of your building, the right product makes the life of the building longer and the problem of leaks and seepage does not recur.

5. Use handyman services

Call a repair service for parts that are hard to reach and require special handling. From ceilings to concrete roofs and tiled roofs that are difficult to reach, it is recommended to use the services of a handyman who understands the application method and the right product. Don’t hesitate to consult your occupancy problems with experts so you don’t mishandle the problem and don’t make the mistake of buying home care products.

How to Take Care of the House before the Rainy Season