How To Take Care Of Ornamental Plants To Be Fresh

How To Take Care Of Ornamental Plants To Be Fresh

The presence of green plants in the room not only makes the atmosphere more calm and beautiful, but can also make the air quality in the room better. So that its function is always optimal, some of the following simple treatments need to be applied so that these green herds always look stunning. Here are some ways to care for ornamental plants to keep them fresh:

1. Plucking or chopping

In order to always look beautiful to the eye, plant parts that have withered, discolored, or dry must be removed. Picking or cutting is the easiest way to prune them. In addition, pruning is also useful so that parts of the plant that are still in good condition do not get sick parts.

2. Water according to the measure

Different types also have different ways of watering plants. But in general, plants that are often placed indoors should not be given too much water because it can cause rotting of the roots. Just apply moisture until the water comes out of the pot’s drainage holes. For kokedama plants that are trending, do the watering using a tool that has a nozzle long enough to focus the water out of one hole. The water must continue flowing until it appears to seep into the surface of the ball.

3. Wipe the leaves


Beautiful leaves and unique shapes are often the main attraction of ornamental plants. The beauty of the leaves is also often a mainstay of the charm of a plant. Not only to make it always look beautiful and shiny, wiping the leaves also aims to clean the dust that sticks to its surface.

4. Give vitamins

Plants also need vitamin intake. Simple fertilization can help the growth of plants that are often placed indoors. Important ingredients, such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen are useful for the growth of roots, stems, and leaves.

5. Types of containers for vines

Vines or plants with a dangling display type have flexibility in terms of placement. You don’t need to just dwell in pots, vertical space is also suitable for these two types of plants, as is the case with using a wire net. Even with more creativity, the charm of this simple plant will actually be more attractive by hanging it. Even putting it in a minimalist way seems to reveal its understated beauty.