How to take care of AC to be durable and stay cold

How to take care of AC to be durable and stay cold

All admit that the air conditioner has a modern system and features. It should also be noted that air conditioning is also an electronic item that requires maintenance. Well, most of the people pay less attention to this ac nurse, so the air conditioning air conditioner does not function optimally and even breaks quickly. Because indeed ac maintenance is needed to function optimally.

At this time, I will share tips on caring for the air conditioner so that it lasts and stays cold. This is how you can apply it yourself or use the nearest ac service.

Now, let’s go straight to this discussion, namely tips on caring for the air conditioner to make it durable and stay cool. For that, you should continue to read the following article so that it can be in-depth and you can practice. Cus, here are the tips.

How to take care of AC to last and stay cold

Close the Meeting House Meeting Room

The first thing you have to do before turning on the air conditioner is to close the room tightly, starting from the large windows and ventilation doors. If the door or window is open even in large numbers, the air conditioner cannot provide maximum results. So that the room does not become cold and cool. So make sure all air gaps are closed properly and tightly.

Remote settings and turn on the AC starting at 25 degrees

Please note that every electronic device turns on by going through the process. This also applies to air conditioning. Therefore, in order for electronic machines, including AC, to last longer, it is recommended to set the remote and turn it on from the lowest AC temperature. Because the work of the ac machine is burdensome.

But this happens often. Lots of people set up and start turning on the air conditioner with a temperature of 16 degrees. Because they assume that the room cools down quickly. Yes, it may get cold quickly, but this will burden the AC engine so that it has a bad effect on the engine. The machine will break down quickly.

As explained by the toshiba ac manufacturer, it is recommended to set and turn on the air conditioner starting at 25 degrees. This way the components of the ac engine will be maintained and will last longer.

Lower the AC Temperature Slowly

After the ac is turned on and working normally 5-10 minutes, then lower it to a lower temperature. When lowering the temperature should be slowly. What is recommended is between 1-4 degrees lower. After running for some time please lower again. This will keep the ac compressor to last longer.

Take advantage of Auto Mode and Timer

Modern air conditioning air conditioners are now equipped with auto mode and timer features. The auto mode functions to adjust the temperature automatically while the timer functions to set the ac turn on automatically. Take advantage of these two modes for your daily life. Automatically the ac will function as a cooler as you want.

Sufficient and Stable Electric Power

In using air conditioning, of course, you must also have sufficient and stable electrical power. If the available electrical power fluctuates and is unstable, the air in the house will also not be stable or maximal. Even with unstable electrical power, it can also accelerate the damage to electronic devices such as the AC to be damaged.

Turn off the AC when you leave the house

When you want to leave the house, don’t forget to do good habits, namely turning off the air conditioner. Turning off the ac when you leave the house will save electricity and prolong the life of your ac device. Turn it on when you need it, turn it off when you are out of the house for a long time.

How to take care of AC to last and stay cold

Don’t forget to clean the AC filter regularly

Don’t forget to clean the AC filter. You can clean the ac filter regularly, which is once every 2-3 months. Why should it be cleaned? because dust will accumulate on the filter when filtering your room air. So if there is a lot of dust it will cause the ac function to be disrupted. Now, as an alternative to cleaning the ac filter, you can wash the ac yourself or call the nearest ac service.

Clean the AC Condenser Coil

You also need to clean the AC coil every year. So it’s not just an ac filter. In the coil of the ac condenser, a lot of dust accumulates which can cause the air conditioner to not absorb heat optimally. In addition, it can also cause the air conditioner to carry more workload so that it can cause an electrical short.

Perform Periodic / Regular AC Service

Perform ac service regularly and regularly. You can call the ac service for this one job. In addition to performing periodic ac service every 3-4 months, don’t forget to ask for a check with the ac service you call.

Usually they will check the ac fan, fish the thermostat, the ac condenser, check the freon, install a thermometer and so on. If there is damage, let it be detected as early as possible and repairs can be made as soon as possible. That way the air conditioner will work optimally, so the air conditioner will last long and stay cold.