How to Prevent and Repel Rats on the Roof of the House

How to Prevent and Repel Rats on the Roof of the House

Rats are mammals that are considered dirty animals. In fact, there are indeed several diseases and health problems caused by rats, especially by rat urine and feces. The presence of rats in the house is certainly very disturbing to the residents of the house, especially if the rats nest on the roof of the house

. If the roof of your house becomes a rat’s nest, then you must immediately find a way to get rid of mice on the roof of the house.

When rats nest in the ceiling or roof of the house, they will usually make a noise. Besides including dirty animals, rats are also destructive. Rats can damage items and furniture, steal food, and pollute the home area. Therefore, it is very important to immediately find a way to get rid of mice on the roof of the house so that the house is free from mice.
Why do rats enter the house?

Rats can get into homes through roofs, drains, and holes or cracks in walls. Actually, what makes mice enter and nest in our homes?

There is food

One of the reasons rats like to live in human homes is because there is a food source. Another fact about mice is that they have a good memory. Once they know there is a food source somewhere, the rats will continue to come to that place looking for food.

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There are different dirty stains, but not much

If the rats find there is a leaking pipe, then they will return to that place to get a drink. In fact, even intact waterways can leak if they are continuously gnawed by rats.

There is a leak in the water line

Due to the relatively small size of mice, they can pass through small holes and enter the house. Ventilation holes can also be one way for mice to enter the house. In fact, mice are able to enter holes that are smaller than their body size. This is because mice have flexible bodies.

Close the front door of the house when no one is in the area.

Close the windows at night. The dark conditions of the night can make you unable to see the mice that enter through the windows of the house.

Store food and groceries in closed containers so they can’t be touched by mice.

Do not keep garbage or leftovers in the house for too long. In fact, you should throw garbage or leftovers into the trash outside the house.

Inside the house, use a trash can with a lid so rats can’t get in to find food.

Check if there is a leak in the water pipe. If there is, immediately repair the leaking water pipe so as not to provoke the arrival of rats.

Check to see if any of the walls in the house have holes or have gaps that rats can enter. If there is, close the gap so that rats cannot pass.