Laceleaf ornamental plant or love wave was once a popular ornamental plant in its time. Many people are also interested in knowing how to grow Laceleaf which is easy and certainly can thrive.

Knowing this, many ornamental flower lovers are also cultivating this Laceleaf ornamental plant. Therefore, the price began to fall and is not as expensive as before.

Nevertheless, fans of Laceleaf plants are still loyal and interested in collecting various types of Laceleaf plants.

Because, this Laceleaf plant does have various types, so that it makes people interested in collecting it.

So, for those of you who are interested in planting Laceleafs, here is a guide on how to plant love waves or Laceleaf flowers, starting from how to seed love waves, preparing Laceleaf planting media, how to care for love wave flowers, and how to propagate love wave plants.

Love Wave Flower Nursery Process

There are several ways of breeding love wave flowers. You can buy wave of love flower seeds directly from flower seed shops or other ornamental plants.

In addition, you can also do your own nursery by taking seeds from the fruit of the wave of love.

For more details, here’s how to seed Laceleaf flowers:

  • Take the seeds from Laceleaf fruit that is ripe and in good health.
  • The characteristics of a good Laceleaf fruit is that it looks very red, juicy, and contains brown to black seeds as much as one or two seeds.
  • You can squeeze the existing fruit, until the Laceleaf seeds come out.
  • If you have, wash the Laceleaf flower seeds using a net so that they are not carried away by the water.
  • After cleaning, soak the Laceleaf seeds for 6 hours using Liquid Organic Fertilizer GDM Ornamental Plant Specialist mixed with warm water.

The purpose of this immersion is to accelerate the release of potential roots and eliminate diseases attached to the seeds. Liquid Organic Fertilizer GDM Ornamental Plant Specialist contains bacteria that can produce antibiotics and phytohormones that function to suppress the growth of pathogenic fungi/bacteria and accelerate the germination process.

After the seeds have been soaked, the method of seeding the love wave flower is to sow the love wave flower seeds in a tray that has been filled with soil or compost media.

  • Insert the seeds into the holes that have been made with a distance of 3cm each.
  • Cover again with soil and spray water on the seedling media, to keep the seedling medium moist.
  • Wait for the seeds to germinate, about 1-2 weeks. If the roots have started to grow and are strong, then they can be transferred to a new planting medium.

How to Prepare Laceleaf Planting Media

If the roots and leaves of the Laceleaf plant seeds already look strong, Dulur can move them to the prepared potting media. The size of the pot used to plant Laceleaf can have a diameter of 40-60 cm.

You need to pay attention to the container that will be used as a growing medium for Laceleaf. The container for growing Laceleaf media must have good drainage so that there is no stagnant water in the pot.

Laceleaf growing media

Stagnant water in the pot will make the roots of the Laceleaf rot. If the roots of the Laceleaf rot, the Laceleaf flowers will die and fail to grow. Then, mix the composition of the planting media with the following composition options.

How to Plant Laceleaf Completely Until It Grows