How to Plant Cactus for Newcomers so It Doesn’t Rot

How to Plant Cactus for Newcomers so It Doesn’t Rot

One challenge when planting cacti that is very often encountered is that cacti quickly rot and die. Why is that? Possible

wrong method of planting and caring for cactus times, you know. If we plant it correctly, of course the cactus will not rot quickly.

Cactus is one of the most popular ornamental plants. One of the reasons is because the method of growing cacti is very simple and instant. So, newcomer plant lovers can also grow cacti easily at home.

Even though it’s categorized as easy, but Always pay attention to how to plant and care for cacti properly. Because, the wrong care can cause cactus flash rot and die.

Then, what is the correct method of planting cacti so that they grow productively? Come on, follow the method of planting cacti for newcomers so that they don’t rot and die at this bottom:

1. Prepare equipment and materials

has prepared all the equipment and materials for growing cactus at home. Such as seeds or cacti that have been cut, pots, planting media, gravel, gloves, and water.

2. Selection of the right pot

You can start growing cacti at home. The first method of growing a cactus is to prepare the right plant pot. Use a pot with dimensions 2 times the dimensions of the cactus, so that its growth is maximized.

Then, also make sure the cactus pot has drainage holes. This is intended to avoid the emergence of puddles that are at risk of causing cactus to rot and die.

3. Use the best growing media

The method of planting cacti to grow productively and not quickly rot then is to use the best growing media. Simply insert gravel as the bottom of the cactus plant pot. After that at the top

You can include a combination of soil, aggressive sand, and charcoal powder as a cactus planting medium.

4. Plant cacti properly

There are 2 methods of growing cacti that can be selected. Early, growing cactus from seed. Second, planting cacti by cuttings method. Relax, both methods are quite easy to try, really.

Early is a method of growing cacti from seed.

just need to fill the pot with planting media that has been mixed with fertilizer. Then, insert the seeds or cactus seeds at the bottom of the planting medium. After that, cover again with soil on top.

Furthermore, the method of growing cacti is using cuttings. Simply cut the aged cactus and allow it to dry at room temperature without direct sunlight. Once dry, insert the cactus into the center of the pot. Wear gloves to minimize the risk of getting injured by the thorns from the cactus, okay?

5. Spray water on the cactus

If the cactus plant has been planted correctly, the next step is to spray a little warm water on the soil surface. The goal is that the base and cavity of the cactus are always fresh, and do not dry out easily for the next few days.

6. Water the cactus regularly

Similar to other types of ornamental plants, cacti also need water to stay hydrated and grow productively. However, it is not recommended to water the cactus very often. Because, it can cause cactus lightning rot and die.

It’s good to water the cactus once every 1-2 weeks, or when the plant looks very dry. Water the cactus using a spray bottle in the morning or evening. The goal is that the cactus is not too wet and damp.

7. Fertilize

Fertilizer is a source of nutrients and vitamins for ornamental plants to grow productively. Until then, make sure

Don’t forget to give fertilizer so that the cactus plant grows productively and healthy. No need to miss it, just distribute compost on the cactus once a year. Especially when it rains.

8. Put the cactus in the right place

avoid placing the cactus plant in a damp place. Because it can cause cactus plants to rot and die. It is better to place the cactus plant outdoors and get direct sunlight so that it grows productively.

If you plan to make it an indoor make-up,

You can put the cactus near the window so that it is exposed to sunlight. Don’t forget to aerate while drying the cactus outdoors 5-6 hours/day so it doesn’t get rotten.

9. Watch the cactus grow

Another method of growing and caring for cacti that should not be missed is monitoring the growth of the cactus. This matter aims to

can take immediate action if the cactus does not display significant growth and development.