How to Paint Walls with the Right Roll and Good Results

How to Paint Walls with the Right Roll and Good Results

Painting walls is not an easy matter, but also not a difficult thing if learned properly. Walls that have a choice of colors that match home accessories will make the house look more beautiful and charming. However, the choice of color does not necessarily make the walls of your house beautiful, but how do you paint it.

Painting the walls with a roll

One of the tools used to paint walls is a roll. Using this roll is easy. But for those of you who have never used roll, at least you need to learn first. The reason is, if you paint carelessly, it will cause the texture of the paint on the walls to be uneven and leave spots here and there.

If you are self-taught using roll, of course the success rate varies. Therefore, tries to help by making a tutorial here. By referring to the site, we tried to summarize a painting technique that is simple, fast, and the results are even.

Before starting to paint, buy the best and quality tools. Do not let you waste money to buy tools that are disposable and quickly damaged.

Necessary tools for painting

  •     Wall paint, both exterior and interior paint
  •     Paint tub
  •     Paint Roll
  •     Extension pole paint roller (paint stick)

Make the first coat of paint on the wall

To paint using a roll, use a quality roll sleeve and a good roll cover. You will paint in two stages. This stage is to make the first coat of paint on the wall. Check the surface of the wall media, especially for walls that are still empty aka new walls

Before starting to roll the wall, first paint the edges, corners, or corners of the wall using a brush. The paint mixture can be thick

Then use a roll from top to bottom. Never once in a while paint breaks in the middle. If the wall is 2 meters high, then painting it must also be 2 meters high. If it breaks in the middle, there will be an uneven pile of color or thickness

The rolling pattern resembles the letter V

The purpose of rolling from left to right (or right to left) in a V shape is to avoid the roll lines.

Make a second coat of paint on the wall

  •     The delay in making the second layer is about an hour. If you paint on the exterior it will dry quickly with the help of hot weather. This second layer is the finishing stage
  •     Make a pattern like the previous one, namely V, when painting the second stage
  •     If you start from left to right, then repeat the second painting from right to left

Well, the steps above are useful for making even paint results and satisfying results. If you have never painted walls at all, you can apply the technique above. But if you are not sure, then ask for help from experienced people. Painting your own house is very cheap because you don’t have to pay for a painter. Good luck!