How to Overcome Monkey Pests on Corn Plants

How to Overcome Monkey Pests on Corn Plants

The presence of monkey pests is indeed very annoying for farmers. The arrival of this pest on corn farms often makes field owners overwhelmed. That’s why there are many ways to deal with monkey pests on corn plants that are trying to be applied. Some are done with a natural approach, some with harsh shooing. The presence of monkey pests on plantations is also not without reason. The forest where they lived and foraged for food was cleared to make way for corn plantations. Here are ways you can deal with monkey pests on corn fields:

1. Make a Plant Fence

The hedge in question is certainly not a hedge of ordinary plants. You can use salak plants planted around your corn farm. A salak tree that has lots of thorns all over it will certainly make it difficult for the monkeys to break through, the risk that they get when they are reckless is that their body is sick with thorns. This will certainly deter monkey pests from coming to your corn plantations. Besides that, planting salak trees also brings financial benefits for you. You can also sell the fruit you produce to get double profits.

2. Making gutters

Apart from making hedges, another way that you can apply to protect corn plants from the malignancy of monkey pests is to make ditches or ditches that are wide enough to surround the corn fields. Thus, the monkeys will need extra effort to visit the corn plantations. It’s also not impossible if in the end they are reluctant to come and look for food in new places that are more easily accessible.

3. Placing the Dog

If making rifles is less effective, you can raise a dog and train it to drive away monkey pests. The sound of a dog barking loudly can also frighten the monkeys and not dare to return to your cornfield. You don’t need to spend a lot of energy, just train the dog to hunt down the stubborn monkeys destroying the corn crops.

4. Gives Care to Agricultural Land

Monkey Pests

If you have a lot of workers on the corn plantations that you manage, then the rotational guarding method can be applied. Schedule a 24 hour watch to watch for the monkeys. These animals will be frightened when they see humans around them and discourage them from eating corn leaves or fruit in that place.