Piles of leaves can be transformed into nutrients for the soil. Check out how to make compost from these leaves.

  •     Chop or crush the leaves before processing into compost.
  •     Turn the compost pile periodically.
  •     Mix leaves with grass to produce high-quality compost.

Fallen or pruned leaves from your garden or garden can be something useful. How to? The answer is to use leaf waste to be processed into compost. Waste that is processed into compost is very useful for improving soil conditions. Soil that has been mixed with compost will become a nutrient-rich planting medium so that the planted plants will thrive. In addition, compost from leaf litter can also be used as mulch to maintain soil moisture and prevent the growth of weeds that can interfere with plant growth. This article will discuss how to make compost from dry leaves that you can collect from your own garden, or maybe from the environment around you.

How to make compost from dry leaves is very easy. Here are the steps.

Prepare a composter container. You do not need to prepare special containers and can use used containers, such as plastic buckets. Make sure the container is large enough so that you can turn the stack over from time to time.

Put the leaves in the composter container. To speed up the decomposition process, the leaves should be chopped or crushed first.

Turn the pile periodically to provide air for the microbes working to break down the leaves.

Place the composter container in a place that gets enough sunlight. Microbes will work well in hot places.

How to make compost from leaves without a composter container

How to make compost from leaves can also be done without a composter container. You just need to spread the leaves and form them into a layer on top of the soil. Here’s how.


  •     Chop or crush the leaves.
  •     Spread the leaves over the soil to create a leaf layer.
  •     Cover the leaves with a layer of grass.


In addition to making a layer of leaves on the ground, how to make compost from dry leaves can also be done by making a pile of leaves. Turn the pile periodically until the leaves turn into compost.

Tips on how to make compost from leaves

To get a good compost yield, it’s a good idea to mix your leaf litter with grass. Leaves contain a lot of carbon while grass is rich in nitrogen. Carbon and nitrogen balance will produce high quality compost.

Turning leaf litter regularly and adding water can help the decomposition process.

How to make compost from dry leaves is different from how to make compost from kitchen waste. The process of turning the leaves into compost takes longer. It can take up to a year to turn the leaves into compost. But the result is no doubt, compost can be relied upon to become useful nutrients for the soil.

Besides being able to be processed into compost, the leaves can be used as mulch to prevent the growth of weeds. If you find weeds in your garden or garden, find out how to deal with them in our article on how to permanently kill weeds. Check out another article on how to make compost at home.

Leaf sheets have a tendency to stick together. If it sticks, oxygen and water will be difficult to absorb. The leaves should be crushed first before processing.

How to make compost from leaves