As we know, during a pandemic like this, the trend of the hobby of growing plants is increasing in the community. Many people end up pursuing a new hobby as a plant lover. Well, with this opportunity, you can take advantage of this trend to sell compost. Moreover, many people, especially plant lovers, are looking for natural compost for their plants. How to make compost for sale is also quite easy to do.

How to Make Compost Fertilizer for Fertilizer Business

A home business can be started from simple things even with trash around you. You can process organic waste into compost and then sell it and make money. Take note of the steps and how to make the following compost fertilizer.

Prepare Equipment, Materials, and Capital

The first thing you should prepare before making compost is all the necessary tools and materials. The tools needed in making compost from organic waste are:

  • Big bucket with lid
  • Plastic or rubber gloves
  • As for the materials needed to make compost are:
  • Organic waste at home and around you
  • Land
  • Manure
  • Water
  • Sugar solution
  • EM4, is a starter that you can buy at the farm shop

In addition to equipment and materials, the thing that you can’t forget is about capital. The estimated capital you need is like this:

  • Initial capital:
  • Buying plastic bags and straps
  • Bought EM4, sugar solution
  • Equipment (purchase a hoe, sieve, trowel, etc.)

Choose the Right Type of Garbage

Remember one thing that not all garbage in the house can be used as compost. There are several types of waste that cannot be processed and used as fertilizer. Therefore, before making it, you have to sort and choose which waste can be composted. Types of organic waste that can be used as compost include:

  • Leftovers in the form of vegetables and meat
  • Used paper or tissue that is not used
  • Leaves and grass
  • wood chop
  • Pet dander and feces
  • Haircut

While the types of waste that cannot be processed into compost are:

  • Cooking oil
  • Metallic gift wrapping paper
  • Beverage box covered with metal
  • Food box with oil coating
  • Plants affected by pests or diseases
  • Glass
  • Walnuts

Perform the Stages of Making Compost Fertilizer

After all the necessary tools and materials are prepared and organic waste is selected, it’s time for you to start the stages of making compost. The stages of making compost are:

  • Collect all organic waste to be composted
  • Put the soil into the prepared bucket
  • Put all organic waste, manure, sugar solution and EM4 starter into the bucket
  • Adjust the contents to the capacity of the bucket used, don’t let it get too full
  • Add soil so that it covers organic waste
  • Flush the top surface with water
  • Close the bucket as tightly as possible to prevent particles and other materials from getting into it.
  • Place the fertilizer bucket in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight
  • Leave the fertilizer for about 3 months to get maximum results

Check the Fertilizer Making Process

Every now and then, check the fertilizer you make by dipping your finger about 2 cm into the organic waste in the bucket. If it feels warm then the process of making fertilizer is going well. On the other hand, if it doesn’t feel warm, it means the mixture is too dry, so water must be added.

Calculation of Turnover or Profit

For the calculation of the estimated profit you get is like this. Let’s say you managed to produce 1.5 tons of compost. Then you sell the compost in 10 kg packages. If the price of fertilizer per 10 kg


How to Make Compost Fertilizer for an Easy Fertilizer Business