How to Make a Beautiful Indoor Garden

How to Make a Beautiful Indoor Garden

Garden are usually in outdoor areas. But for those of you who have limited land, a garden in the house can be an attractive alternative. Besides being able to beautify the appearance of the house, the presence of a garden in the house can also improve air circulation and natural lighting. The garden in the house does have various advantages for you and your family. However, it turns out that it is not that easy to present it. There are several things that you should pay attention to so that the function of the garden can run well.

Select the Location You Want to Make a Garden

Determine the location for the garden in your house. Actually, the selection of this location can be adjusted to the tastes and needs of the home owner. However, many argue that if the garden is placed between the kitchen area and the dining room it can provide a more calming effect. Moreover, if you also present a fish pond with a fountain in it.

Determine the Plants to be Used

Plants are one of the most important elements in your garden. Therefore, the selection should not be arbitrary. You can choose plants according to the area of the room and also the concept of the inner courtyard itself. For example, for those who have limited space, you are better off applying a vertical garden attached to the wall area. That way, the existence of a garden will not take up much space in your home.

Present High Ceilings

There is one thing that is quite tricky when you are going to present a garden in the house. One of them is the matter of ceiling height. Try to make sure the ceiling in your home has a sufficient height so that it doesn’t seem to fill the room. Apart from that, you also shouldn’t forget to make skylights or skylights. The existence of a skylight serves to make it easier for sunlight to enter the room. Thus, the plants will get enough lighting to stay alive.

Use Some Interesting Decorations

So that the garden in the house has a prettier appearance, you can present some interesting decorations. For example, for this type of garden that tends to dry out, you can arrange coral stones and paths made of wood parquet or natural stone. Well, for those who want a wet garden type, you can put a fish pond with a waterfall so that the atmosphere at home becomes more calming. But remember, you also have to be careful in arranging decorations so that the appearance is not full.