How to deal with hot and humid air in the house

How to deal with hot and humid air in the house

Certain seasons in Indonesia often make the house feel hot and stuffy. There are many reasons why the house feels hot. However, for some people, they may unwittingly let the heat just enter the room.

Usually in the summer to overcome the heat is to install a cooler such as air conditioning. But there are alternative solutions that are more energy efficient and anyone can do, but before that you must know the reason why the house feels hot.

Use anti-ultraviolet glass

To overcome the heat, the first is that you can use anti-UV glass for house windows. And you can open the curtains to let the sun in without getting the hot effects of the sun coming in to damage the house.

Choose a neutral paint color

Usually, darker colors absorb more heat because they have more energy from the environment, so choose neutral colors like white, beige, pale blue, or pink to keep your home cool on hot summer days .

Moisture absorbing plant

Planting plants such as palms, ivory betel, ferns, orchids and mother-in-law’s tongue are plants that love humidity and can reduce humidity in the house and act as an air purifier in the house.

Install ventilation

To increase air flow in the house, install air vents to keep air circulating clean.

Cooling device

Although it requires quite a lot of energy, you can install a fan or air conditioner. But use it sparingly and still prioritize air ventilation as circulation.

Waterproof material for roof

Use a waterproof material for the roof to accumulate moisture and protect it from heat and moisture.

Use the best insulation

Not all insulation can be suitable for hot climates, for example, cellulose insulation is able to absorb moisture and can cause mold growth. You can use foam or fiberglass boards which are quite suitable for protection against moisture from mildew damage. So, those are some ways to deal with humidity and heat in the house you can try. Hope it is useful.