Having a comfortable home is everyone’s dream. The size of the limited space in the house can be managed to make it seem spacious so that you and your family still feel comfortable. One of the tips that can be done to make a narrow room more spacious and spacious is by choosing the right wall paint.
There are several wall paint colors that are known to make a room more spacious. You can apply these colors in your home. The right color will give a comfortable atmosphere to the room. Well, as inspiration, here are some house paint colors for a narrow room that feels more spacious.
House Paint Colors To Make A Narrow Room Look More Spacious
Choosing the right color will make your room more spacious and comfortable. Let’s look at some house paint colors for a narrow room that looks wider below

Bright red

The first room color that you can apply is bright red. Bright red may be less desirable, but this color will give an energetic impression. To create contrast, you should combine this color with white decorations or furniture. In addition, you should paint the ceiling or ceiling in a lighter color than the walls. This is one of the tips for narrow rooms and will make the ceiling appear higher, and the room in your home feels wider.

Navy Blue

It is known that dark colors will make the room appear narrower. However, with the right color application the results will be different. The room in your house will actually look more beautiful. You can combine navy blue with other beautiful colors to get a satisfying final result. Navy blue can be combined with white and yellow. So that the room in your house does not look excessive, you should choose furniture or decor elements with neutral colors. The right color combination will make your home more beautiful, comfortable and of course give a different impression.

Blue sky

In addition to the sea blue color, you can also make the sky blue color an option to be applied in your home. This soft, bright and cool color will make your home more pleasing to the eye. You can use this color at home or in your bedroom to get a calm and comfortable impression as if you are looking at the sky. In addition, the sky blue color will also give the illusion of a larger and wider room.

The Combination of Beige Color and Wood Pattern

To get a different look, you can combine beige colors and wood motifs in your room. The use of textures will be able to create dimensions on the walls of your narrow home. The combination of beige color with wood motif walls will create the impression of a warm and comfortable room.


White is the color of choice for many houses. The white color will give the impression of a clean and tidy home. Although this color is fairly easy to get dirty, but with proper care it will make the house look nicer.
White is the basic color that is suitable for use in a narrow room. This color will make a narrow room look wider. The walls of the house that are painted in white will reflect light from the sun, and make the room look brighter and you will feel an open atmosphere. In addition, the white color will also look beautiful combined with other colors.

Gray and White

You can combine these two colors for your home. The combination of white and gray is suitable to be applied to a residence or room with a classic or modern style. These two colors can be combined with accessories or bright decorations in your room. With the right arrangement of furniture and walls, you can make the room look more spacious and comfortable.



There are many minimalist house paint colors that can be chosen, one of which is yellow. White is not the only color that will make the room appear wider because it can reflect sunlight. However, yellow can also have such an effect.

The walls of the house that are painted in yellow will make the room appear wider. A suitable yellow color is light yellow. You should also combine yellow with white furniture.

Lemon Green

The next color is lemon green. This lemon green color will make your room look more beautiful and bright. Combine it with the right furniture color so that your home looks harmonious.

Yellow Orange

These two colors will make the room in your home brighter and make the room feel more spacious, especially for a small room. Coloring the room with yellow and orange will give a calming and natural impression. You will feel more free and free in a room that is painted in yellow and orange.


Cream color can also be used as an option for your narrow room to make it seem wider. You can apply this color in a room of your house that feels cramped, for example in the kitchen or dining room. As previously mentioned, this color can be combined with wood textures, for example in decoration. In addition, you can also combine it with other beautiful colors as you wish to make the room seem warmer.

Wine Red

For a more different home atmosphere, you can try using a burgundy color for the walls in your home. You can combine this burgundy color with white. In addition, combine it with neutral color furniture so that the room in your home looks more beautiful and comfortable.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are soft and beautiful. For those of you who want a more colorful house, but not too bright then you can use pastel colors. This color will make a narrow room in your home seem wider. There are various pastel colors that you can choose to apply in your home. This color will bring joy and relieve stress.

Neutral colors are the most popular colors for homes. This color will never go out of style. If you want a different neutral color other than white, you can go for beige. This color is the same as white but with a touch of brown. This color will make your home more beautiful. You can combine it with other beautiful colors.

Well, those are some house paint colors to make a narrow room seem more spacious and comfortable. You can choose the color of the house paint as you wish. For a harmonious home look, you can choose a paint color according to the concept of your home. If you are still unsure about choosing the right color for your home, you can consult an interior designer. May be useful.

House Paint Colors To Make A Narrow Room Look More Spacious