Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design

Interior design is a room arrangement process that is carefully planned to produce a decent quality of life. With interior design you will get creative solutions in creating functional spaces in the surrounding environment, so that it can become a place of welfare for the occupants.

Interior design includes several elements such as conceptual enhancement, idea sketches, room plans, site inspection, surrounding programming, location analysis, communication between stakeholders and projects, development management, and design implementation.

Based on research, the average resident spends around 95{d50e0571c5be256f2244e3785f87da3cc3547cbc1b0d530766df4d76d0d7aa90} of the time at home. Therefore, the house must be an adequate place to live. One of the ways you can do to increase the intensity of a livable house is to hire interior design services.

Pay Attention To These 5 Things In Home Designing

Designing a Home – Living Room

The interior of the living room is designed in such a way that it looks contemporary and elegant, the interior in this living room is in accordance with the interior mode of the room and is strengthened by the color arrangement factor in the mix of the contents of this room. With this kind of interior in the minimum house can also be a contemporary elegant interior. Take a look, the standing lights look unique and contemporary that adorn the sofa, the beautiful sofa is decorated symmetrically, complete with space for another room with elegant equipment and beautiful curtains on the front room window. The combination of beautiful sofas and beautiful color arrangements and sympathetic accessories such as jars and hooded table lamps, make this room look contemporary and luxurious, you can feel the beautiful floors of quality marble.

In areas of the northern hemisphere it is often winter, the interior of the house in that area usually has a fireplace in the place where it lives. The interior design of this house looks more contemporary. In that part of the living room there is an elegant cream colored sofa that is neatly arranged, the interior design is stunning, it can be seen from the consistent color arrangement, the really nice decoration is the side walls which are made of marble. Not only for beauty, the role of marble stones on the wall is placed in the part of the furnace, making the walls thicker and covered with marble stones to be stronger and adjust between the cold temperatures of the surrounding air and the heat from the inside of the fireplace. Luxury can be seen from the towering curtains in the beautiful glass windows, coupled with flower vase decorations, table lamps with lighting that suits the environment.

Designing a Home – Dining Room

The interior of the dining room, in general, we often encounter in star hotels, the wall architecture in the room is patterned and elegant. If you crave such beautiful restaurants like in star hotels, you can make some interior designs as a reference for the interior in your home. Like a color arrangement that seems elegant, the combination of beige and brown. In the picture the dining table is quite neatly arranged with chairs at one long table. Another beauty is that there is a cylindrical pendant lamp with lighting that adorns the room with a calm and beautiful message. Besides that, the sofa with symmetrical parts is beside the dining table which looks beautiful, the sofa arrangement is close to the wall of the room. From there, the symmetrical square sofa is cream in color to match the color of the room to look elegant and contemporary. On the wall the room is equipped with a motorbike monitor for entertainment media.

The dining table in the room is generally made of wood which has been made in such a way, which is really beautiful to decorate an interior space dominated by glass windows. This wooden dining table is quite thick, the soft and sturdy bench is taken to accompany the wooden table. This decoration is in the form of a clear vase, filled with stones as decorations and candles for lighting and strengthening the peaceful nuances of the interior of the room. Fashion decorations like this picture are great in the room next to the house, a room designed with transparent glass so you can immediately enjoy the outdoor panorama. Determining the white color arrangement, in the space near the window is made into a relaxing place with the addition of a sofa and table. The interior is important as a family dining room, equipped with a beautiful and ergonomic table that fits the existing chairs.

Designing Home – Bedroom

The interior design of this bedroom prioritizes comfort by increasing optimal rotation, being a source of light and air through the windows in this part of the bedroom. This kind of bedroom is exactly for the 2nd floor of your contemporary elegant house. During the day, the rays will enter to provide a panoramic view of the day, the natural nuances and clouds that cool the view. At night, you can experience a panoramic view of the stars and moonlight from between the windows. The windows are made differently, on the windows beside the room there are skates so the interior design of this space. The sofa is quite spacious, adjusting the size of this space, the combination of the white color of the sofa and the brown color of the space that controls, makes your bed a comfortable bed. The beauty of this space is more complete with wall decorations, elegant table lamps, and sympathetic accessories on wall hanging shelves.

This kind of design can be applied to homes that are actually minimalist and you want an elegant design. With limited space, a large space is reserved for private palaces with couples. The interior of this space is designed completely for a comfortable bed, so the base is added to the soft and beautiful carpet. In the window room there is a sofa where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the space. Beauty and luxury feel very much from the light and the combination of white in the room, ceiling lights, cool tiles and strong exclusive motifs on the wall near the bed.

Designing Houses – Bathrooms

The interior design of the bathroom must be equipped with a shower bath for soaking. In order for the bathroom to be more comfortable, a water heater was added. The determination of white to be the basic color with a combination of several colors such as tan presents a contemporary situation in this space. This kind of interior design is really suitable to be applied in an elegant house that is in a cold environment, if in the European region it is clear that most of the houses from there have space heating. Generally, the interior design really seems elegant, the equipment decoration in this room prioritizes using ceramic materials that look exclusive. The basic design type is generally used with elegant houses that have a size of 2 floors, because they look beautiful with an elegant combination of tiles, floors, glass, and sinks.

The design of the house in an elegant bathroom is usually somewhat over-budged, but you can feel an elegant nuance, in contrast to a minimalist home which only has a bath and a toilet. But whatever design you want to use in your home, you can renovate it according to your liking. However, you have to see how much it costs to do this, because in tropical climates like Indonesia, luxury homes are not the main thing in development, but the comfort of home must be prioritized, so that your family likes to linger inside the house.