Home Exterior Design, What Should You Pay Attention To?

Home Exterior Design, What Should You Pay Attention To?

The exterior design of this house certainly includes designing the outside of the house starting from the facade of the house to choosing the right house wall paint. In other words, the selection of house wall paint colors is adjusted to the shape of the house facade that has been designed. On the one hand, the selection of house wall paint colors is an important element of exterior design because its function is to beautify the outside appearance of the house. The following is what must be considered in the exterior design of the house:

The impression you want to display

Choosing a paint color turns out to be impossible just to point it out, huh. You see, the selection of wall paint colors should first consider the character and impression of the house you want to highlight. If you want a house with a modern minimalist concept, a combination of orange, gray, blue and red will give a personal impression that is cheerful and modern. Meanwhile, if you want to display a firm and elegant personal character, calm colors such as beige, white, light green can be an option.

Compatibility with home furniture

Another important thing is related to the selection of furniture used. Furniture such as patio tables and benches, garden lights, fences and others also determine the character of the house. Choose an exterior wall paint color that matches or matches the exterior furniture of the house. Of course this color selection should not be arbitrary because it affects all existing aspects.

Conformity with the facade and character of the house

Another thing that must also be considered is the suitability of the character of the color with the character of the house itself. For the character of a tropical house, choose colors that emphasize natural nuances such as brown, white, light green or blue. Try a combination of brown and beige to accent the exterior of a house that uses wood or natural stone.  Try combining bright colors of orange and red to accent the square grid of window frames to accentuate the frame.