Here’s What Might Happen If Your Home’s Water Pipe Leaks!

Here’s What Might Happen If Your Home’s Water Pipe Leaks! – Leaking water pipes is a problem that may often be experienced by some people. Leaks in pipes can occur for various reasons, such as the quality of the pipes used to the pipe fittings used. So what actually causes the water pipe in the house to leak? Let’s see the review below!

Is Your Home Water Pipe Leaking? This Is The Cause!

Before knowing the cause of the leak in the water pipe. First you have to understand the things that might happen if the water pipe in your house leaks. Some of these include:

  • Soaring water bill, despite normal use.
  • There is often water seepage, either water seepage on the walls or on the top floor.
  • The water storage tank runs out quickly.
  • Push pump often on/off even when water is not used

So if you find some of the things above, chances are that the water pipe in your house has a leak and must be repaired immediately. However, what actually causes water pipes to leak? Here are the causes:


When the water pressure is high and there is a blockage, it can cause the water pipe to crack and be very prone to leaks. So you need to do regular cleaning to avoid clogging the water pipes.

Water pressure

High water pressure can also put your water pipe at risk of cracking and as a result the pipe will leak. You can make a solution by adding another pipe connection using a pipe fitting so that the water pressure is not directed in one direction only.

Pipe quality

The most common cause of pipe leaks is poor pipe quality. If you use a low quality pipe, it will not be able to withstand water pressure and is prone to cracking.