Here is the reason you should have a minimalist garden behind the house

Here is the reason you should have a minimalist garden behind the house

Talking about the garden, the image of most people will be focused on a plot of land planted with various types of ornamental plants in front of the house. Very rarely do people imagine a garden behind the house, so the developers of modern minimalist type houses will generally complement the houses they offer with a garden. in front of the house and a plot of land that is left empty behind the house.

No matter how narrow the land is behind the house, it would be bad if left neglected. Shrubs that grow untreated, not only pollute the landscape but can also be a source of disease. For that, take advantage of the land as a garden, because there are many benefits that you can get by creating a minimalist garden behind the house. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained:

Adding to the Beauty of the Home

Creativity plus a touch of artistic value makes the land as narrow as it is not a barrier to being creative with various types of plants. In fact, with narrow land and limited types of plants, garden maintenance can be maximized. By pouring creativity and a touch of art on the land behind the house, automatically the beauty of the house becomes more intact so that the nominal value of the house also increases.

Creating a Healthy Home

The existence of a garden behind the house can also make a positive contribution to the health value of the residents of the house. Because with the number of plants, the amount of oxygen supply will automatically increase, because plant leaves as we all know are a place to produce oxygen through the photosynthesis process.

The large supply of oxygen will make clean and healthy air circulation in the house, and this air circulation is of course very much needed by the residents of the house, especially those who live in urban areas with high levels of air pollution. The health benefits will increase again if some of the plants decorating the garden are in the form of Family Medicinal Plants (Toga). So when you need herbal medicine, just pick one of the plants in the garden.

Family Gathering Place

Gathering with family can indeed be done anywhere, whether it’s in the living room, in the living room or in another corner of the house. However, gathering with your family in the midst of a natural atmosphere decorated with beautiful plants and flowers, will certainly have a different value. The garden in front of the house can indeed accommodate, but in terms of privacy it is somewhat less comfortable, because it is disturbed by passing vehicles or passing people.

This is where the role of the beautiful garden behind the house. With the natural nuances that are served plus the beauty of various types of plants and the calm atmosphere that surrounds the surroundings, it will bring its own comfort when used to gather with family, chat and have fun while enjoying a light meal and a cup of tea / coffee.

A Place for Fun and Relaxation

By having a garden behind your house, you will easily find a location to relax. Looking at various types of flowers and plants, can be a means to relax nerves and reduce tension. Not only that, with a garden behind the house, you don’t need to go far to relax after coming home from work. Even before leaving for work, you can pump up your spirits by enjoying breakfast behind the house.

So that the benefits of the garden as a means of relaxation can be maximized, when creating a minimalist garden design behind the house, do it carefully and in as much detail as possible, from determining the theme to determining the type of plant. So that the garden can later be decorated with ornaments and plants that are useful for relaxation, such as aromatic plants of teraphy and other plants.

Those are some of the benefits you can get if you present a garden behind the house. For a minimalist house, the garden does not need to be large, the most important thing is that the use of space must be done optimally. Plants are well laid out so that no space is wasted. By making a garden behind the house you will get several benefits at once, including getting beauty and health.