Here are 7 Trends in 2021 for Wall Paint and Home Interior Design

Here are 7 Trends in 2021 for Wall Paint and Home Interior Design

The year 2020 was full of turmoil, full of calamities, even winding challenges, making us as humans able to train mental endurance and better manage future strategies. This finally reflects on the daily lifestyle, which is increasingly changing to a more practical lifestyle, has clear goals and is more calculating, but still has a sense of love to share. Don’t you feel the same, ?

Reflecting on these changes, it causes us to yearn for inner calm and comfort even more in the year 2021. Where else was the quietest place to start, if not in the realm of one’s own home. Of course, to influence ourselves, we even begin to remodel or rearrange the space in the house to maximize this comfort.

Well, this also affects the color trend for wall paint or the color palette for the design of the home space that emphasizes warm and soft colors, with a hint of bold color, as a representative of the fighting spirit of the owner of the residence. What are the color trends for home paint and interior design in 2021?

Stability Minimalist gray

The palette is warm and earthy, creating a feeling of stability, growth and potential for the home owner. Apart from being timeless or timeless, this palette provides a solid foundation for change and creativity in your home, including opening a new page to maturity and maturity.

Warm rustic

From Moroccan gold pinks to terracotta shades, these ‘earthy’ colors alone create a landscape association blending with nature. Clay and stone materials, sand and earth, mixed with red, brown or yellow, give a warm feeling like returning to the village. It feels like the feel of a vacation in an exotic place, but at home, here.

Positive harmony with pink

Before choosing a paint color, first imagine the shades of pink on the flamingos, the color of the sky at sunset, salmon pink, roses, and the color of the blusher. Pink is the color of harmony, affection, sweetness, joy and femininity. So, when you choose a pink hue in your home interior design, make sure that the color evokes positive emotions, serenity, tenderness and love.

Expressions of courage in a light tinge

Welcoming 2021 also means welcoming a new spirit to be more persistent than in 2020. You can also apply this to the selection of wall paints with bright colors in one corner or part of the walls of the house. This style will also support your lifestyle, to be bolder and stronger in the future.

Optimism yellow hue

The yellow palette is the color of happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity and passion as it is when welcoming the morning and spring sunshine. However, don’t get the wrong color yellow, yes, .

According to Jean Molesworth Kee, a color consultant, the size of the room and the amount of natural light and incandescent it gets, is the key to color selection. Small rooms that receive little or no natural light can use bright, bold yellows. However, if the room is larger, choose a milder or warmer yellow hue.

Neutral natural color

The palette of warm neutrals is brand new for 2021, adding yellow and green accents. Referring to the practical and tactical nature of facing the new year, it becomes a combination of appreciation for calmness, feeling comfortable when working at home, to the security of being in a personal ‘cage’.

The serenity of the blue palette

Blue symbolizes calm and a sense of coolness. This color is the most popular color because it represents the colors of the sea, sky and heaven. The presence of blue in the house, indicates loyalty, friendly and strong. Due to its calming power, blue works well in bedrooms.