An architect not only masters building techniques, but also has a high artistic value. So if the question arises what is an architect.

This job is not the same as a builder because his main responsibility is to create designs according to the needs and desires of the client.

Along with the development of development in Indonesia. The need for this profession is also increasing.

Based on data obtained from the Indonesian Architects Association or IAI, the number of architects currently reaches 15 thousand people.

Understanding Architect

The general public is more familiar with architects as home design makers. In fact, the work of architects is not only about the drawing field.

The design made by the architect does not only prioritize the beauty side, but also optimizes the function of the building.

Many can not distinguish what is an architect and architecture. These two terms have different meanings.

Architecture is the activity of designing and planning the construction of buildings.

While the definition of an architect is someone who has a license to carry out architectural functions.

Professional architects must master the engineering of building structures and the art of design beauty.

An architect is not only reliable in terms of building planning, but also the art of designing to create high-aesthetic works.

The work of an architect is related to making designs and building designs by paying attention to several elements.

For example, comfort, safety, and security. The types of buildings designed by architects can be apartments, houses, to high-rise buildings.

Architect’s responsibilities

The responsibility of the architect is quite large. The work system starts from the beginning of the design to ensure the project is completed according to plan.

That is why, the cost of architectural services is quite high because the performance provided is very maximum.

So, what is an architect and what are his responsibilities? Check out the brief review below.

Creating the Design Concept

Creating a concept is the first stage of an architect’s work. Here the architect will collect data and information provided by the client.

Furthermore, an analysis will be carried out so that the concept will be made according to the needs and desires of the client.

Designing Design

After the concept is made, then the architect will pour the results of the analysis in the form of drawings.

In this second stage, the architect will also calculate the building area, determine the type of material to be used, estimate costs, and construction.

Develop a Design Plan

The design that has been designed must be approved by the client.

If there are some things that are not suitable, the architect will make revisions several times until the design is in accordance with the wishes of the client.

After that, the architect’s task is to develop the design that has been created.

The design made will be in more detail regarding the construction system that will be applied later.

The development of this design concept will be used as the final design of the building.

Creating Working Drawings

At this stage, the architect will create a workflow so that the development process runs according to the design that has been made.

Architects will also attach requirements documents and more detailed construction techniques.

Carrying out Construction

The implementation of construction is the main responsibility of the architect.

This stage will determine whether in the future the design can be realized correctly or not.

Building construction is the part that determines the strength and safety of the building.

Conduct Periodic Monitoring

Not only limited to selling designs. The architect will also carry out supervision to ensure that the designs made can be realized.

Monitoring can be done once a week or at least once a month.

Architect Type

So far you may have only known Engineering Architects who worked on development projects. But in fact, there are 5 types of architects today. Among others are:

Landscape Architect

What is a landscape architect? The main task of the architectural profession is to design the exterior design of a building. For example, parks, gardens, warehouses, and so on.

Design Architect

Design Architect’s job is to make a comprehensive project design plan.

A Design Architect must have the ability to communicate well so that the wishes and needs of the client can be expressed in the form of a design.

Project Manager

Managing the course of the project and developing workflows are the main responsibilities of a Project Manager.

To become a reliable Project Manager, you need complete skills ranging from high leadership, good communication techniques, and problem solving.

Technical Architect

This type of architect is more likely to work on large projects.

Its main task is to ensure the development project is successfully completed according to the client’s functions and requirements.

Interior Designer

The arrangement of doors, walls, furniture, to lighting is the main task of an interior designer.

The work carried out has a high level of detail according to the wishes of the client.

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