Gardening Equipment You Must Have

Gardening Equipment You Must Have

Having a garden in your yard is indeed very pleasant. In addition to making the house look beautiful and cool, the garden can also nourish the residents of the house. In order to keep the garden clean, special tools are needed for different purposes. Therefore, before starting activities in the garden, make sure you have the tools below.


A spreader is a tool that can help you spread plant seeds, fertilizers, and other plant fertilizers. By using this tool the deployment process is faster. This tool has a crank-shaped handle that at the bottom of the spreader there is a hole that can be filled with seeds or fertilizer to be spread in the garden or yard.

Lawn mower

The lawn mower is an automatic tool that can speed up the process of cutting grass in the garden. This machine works by moving the iron plates so that it can cut the grass instantly when the tool passes through the grass that is already long. There are two types of lawn mowers, trimmers and edgers. Both types of equipment usually use batteries or fuel oil.

Lawnmover is a must-have tool for those with large gardens. The working principle is actually the same as the trimmer, except that the trimmer is more suitable for gardens that are not too large. The types and sizes of lawnmovers vary greatly and you can adjust them according to how large your garden is. This lawn mower usually uses fuel oil or batteries. If you buy a lawnmower that runs on batteries, you will need to recharge the battery before using it.