Now, any small dwelling can have parts that used to be synonymous with large land houses, including having a beautiful and lush garden.

In the past, tiny houses rarely had a garden, let alone a beautiful one, because they said it would make the land look narrower and cramped. Plus the confusion of home owners with limited land in choosing what plants are suitable for planting. In fact, like air circulation, making a garden does not always require a large area.

This negative assumption has now been broken by the emergence of small houses that have gardens or gardens that are no less beautiful than the gardens of big houses in luxurious housing.

A land measuring 2 x 3 meters can now be used as a beautiful and cool garden. It remains what the garden concept you want to apply. What you need to remember is not to limit your gardening ideas to plants.

For a minimalist garden that is usually located in a narrow area, not just any plants and ornaments should be placed there. According to Arwindrasti, a landscape architect, the wrong choice of plants will make the narrow land look narrower. Because it is on a limited area, usually around 2-6 square meters, home owners want this minimalist garden to be as optimal as possible.

A minimalist garden should highlight natural accents with not too much material, especially if the house has large windows. In addition, according to the woman who is also a lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture at top University the aspects of health and comfort for the residents of the house really need to be considered when creating a minimalist garden.

Creating a garden is not always synonymous with lots of lush plants. Making a pool can be an interesting concept. According to Aswir, a landscape business owner, a pond suitable for narrow land should be elongated and not widened. The wide pool makes the garden seem less spacious.

Around the pond, you can place various types of plants of different colors and sizes. Given the small land area, you can place these plants in pots. Besides not taking up a lot of land, using pots is also more practical to move.

To cover the ground surface, you can use grass. You can also just spread stones. You can choose coral stone or white gabion stone. In order for the pool to look even more beautiful, you can add various garden accessories or shower ornaments that are cute and unique designs.

added, a small garden can be decorated with ornaments and details commonly used in large houses. Ornaments such as garden statues, garden lamps, chairs, and even paths can also be applied in your small garden.

However, of course the design, size and arrangement are different from the large house ornaments. The ornament you choose must be small, not too big, too long, or too wide so that you still have space to put other ornaments without being full.

Minimalist style buildings are generally multi-storey with a box or geometric shape. This form gives off a firm and stiff impression. Well, the presence of the park is expected to reduce the stiff impression.

Where should a minimalist garden be? Very flexible. You can place it at the front, back, corner, side, even in the house. If you like the water element, you can place a minimalist garden with a water park theme at the front of the house. If the garden is in the back of the house, make a simpler design.

Avoid shapes that resemble mountains because it will create a narrow impression. If you want to bring grass, you should choose a small, smooth leaf like Peking grass.

It is different for a minimalist garden that is present in the house. Usually located at the end of the stairs. Plants that are suitable for indoor gardens are the palm family. A green leafy plant with a slight yellow tinge, Dracena fragrans, is also a good choice.

Enchanting Tiny Garden