Effective Ways to Create a Modern Living Room Design

Effective Ways to Create a Modern Living Room Design

The living room is an important room for your home. This room gives the first impression when guests visit the house. Imagine if the living room is not well organized, it will certainly create a bad impression for the residents of the house.

That is why the current living room design trend is very important to apply. Many people are competing to arrange the living room with an eye-catching design. Starting from repainting the walls, replacing the sofa, setting the table, to adding that can beautify the room.

The trend of minimalist home interiors is believed to be able to give the effect of a wider room even though it is limited to minimalist land. Here we share 5 effective ways to apply contemporary living room design trends to your beloved home.

Apply Bright Color

Do you want to make the room look wider? Tips, apply bright colors in the living room. Light colors give the room a broad impression because they reflect light. Choose bright colors on wall paint, furniture, to knick-knacks to decorate the room. Putting a mirror on the wall is also believed to be able to make the room look wider, you know!

Use Wood Material

In addition to white, natural colors can also make the living room effect more spacious. One of them is the color found in the wood material.

Apply the furniture in your living room using wood materials such as tables, walls, and floors. With the selection of soft colors, the atmosphere of the living room is guaranteed to be warmer and friendlier.

Large Window

One other way to make your living room follow current living room design trends is to use large windows.

Large windows that stretch high can give a spacious effect in a room like a Scandinavian-style house. The green view outside the house can be seen by itself from the living room, you can also minimize the use of excess accessories and furniture. Plus, the large windows will provide natural bright light.

Bookshelf Decoration

Narrow space is no longer an obstacle to creativity. One of them by adding favorite objects into the living room.

If there is an empty wall left, just fill it with bookshelves to give it a decorative feel. By using the same color shades, the practical built in shelves can make the room look more artistic.