Decorations To Make Your Minimalist Garden More Beautiful

Decorations To Make Your Minimalist Garden More Beautiful

The presence of a garden at home in an urban area with a tropical climate has an important role in making the place to live comfortable. However, doubts often creep in when starting to arrange an existing garden. Lack of references related to choosing garden decorations and accessories that are suitable for tropical climates is one of the obstacles in making plants not only useful but also beautiful. Here is a decoration to make your minimalist garden more beautiful:

1. Hanging pots for an aesthetic garden look

The area of your house does not allow you to have a large garden? Hanging pots are one of the solutive minimalist garden decorations for you. The existence of hanging pots will greatly facilitate you to present a variety of beautiful plants. You can hang pots in the front garden or back of the house, to the inside if indeed indoor plants are an important element in the decoration.

2. Chill out with the built-in planters

Apart from being a sweetener to the appearance of the house, the existence of a garden also of course wants to function as a relaxing area for you and other family members. Another accessory that will greatly elevate the beauty of a garden is a bench. Choose a bench that provides built-in planters. With these features, you can decorate your relaxing place to make it feel cooler and more beautiful.

3. Vertical garden in a minimalist garden

Although at first glance similar to hanging pots, a vertical garden is something different from the garden installation. For this type of minimalist garden, the plants you choose can be planted directly on the wall surface, either concrete or wood. The surface is designed as a necessity to have pockets that can accommodate various types of plants. Apart from that, this type of garden is also synonymous with vines that cover the walls which add to the cool impression.

4. Zen nuances using pebbles

Apart from grass, pebbles can also be an alternative as a minimalist garden decoration for your home. Dry garden with pebbles has now become a solution for the presence of a minimal maintenance garden. The composition of beautiful colors from plants with neutral pebbles will certainly be able to attract the attention of many pairs of eyes.

5. The pond is an important element of a minimalist garden

To complement the beauty of a minimalist garden in your home, the presence of a pond is the best choice as a garden decoration. The existence of a pond in your minimalist home garden will bring benefits, such as a cooler home atmosphere and a more zen feel thanks to the sound of water splashing around the house.