Decorating Your Home with Fresh Flowers to Beautify Your Room

Decorating Your Home with Fresh Flowers to Beautify Your Room

Decorating your home with fresh flowers can be a lot of fun. The colors and the charm of the flowers will make the room more lively, the scent can be smelled everywhere. However, without proper and proper care, fresh flowers are often not durable and easily wilt. Of course there are ways to save fresh flowers so they last longer, here are tips that Bintarians can try.

Tips for decorating a house with flowers

To decorate a house with flowers, there are several things that Bintarians must prepare in advance. First of all, prepare a clean container or flower vase. The presence of microorganisms in a container that is not clean actually triggers decay in flowers. Better, choose a container with a wide neck so that the stems are not too tight. Use warm water in a prepared container to put flower arrangements. This method is often called hardening which helps to extend the life of freshly cut flowers.

Store flowers at room temperature. Also avoid AC rooms, because air conditioners will dry the air and can shorten the life of flowers. Removing the leaves with scissors will reduce the risk of flower rot. Cut the petiole with scissors, so that it looks neat and does not leave brown stains.
Decorate your home with flowers from Brassica Florist

Variety of flowers in the corner of Brassica

Cut the flower stem at an angle with a sharp knife, to expand the stem to absorb water. Avoid cutting with scissors, because the results of the slope are not good. It’s best to use a really sharp knife to avoid damaging the stems. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, because certain flowers are very sensitive to sunlight.

Regularly change the water every day and replace the vase if necessary. Stagnant water is easy for bacteria, fungi and algae to nest. In addition, cut the flower stalk 1 cm every day so that the freshness of the flowers is maintained. Use hydrogel to enhance the appearance of the flower vase, because the colorful spheres are in the form of crystals that are able to absorb and release water. This hydrogel functions as a reserve of water and nutrients in plants so that they can make flowers last longer.