Creative Ways to Make Beautiful Flower Pots from Used Items

Creative Ways to Make Beautiful Flower Pots from Used Items

There are many ways to save money for those of you who collect flowers and small plants. Because flowers without pots feel empty right? Now you don’t have to worry, because we can make pot crafts with simple ingredients and of course it won’t cost you a lot of money.

A beautiful and beautiful pot will certainly refresh the eyes and make your room design more full of charm. And of course it will be beautiful to look at for those who see it.

Making a pot with creativity is not difficult, using simple ingredients and steps you can make it.

Here’s how to turn your used items into beautiful and beautiful pots:

Colorful Flower Pots

Making these colorful flower pots is not difficult, it only requires materials such as used bottles, currter, fox glue or glue gun, wrapping paper with patterns, paper holes, and string.

How to make it is so easy, first cut the bottle using a currter according to the desired size. Then paste the wrapping paper following the pattern using fox glue or glue gun. After that use a paper hole punch to make a hole between the two sides at the top to insert the rope. Then fill the pot with plastic flowers. Then attach the rope so that it can be hung. Beautiful pots are ready to be displayed in your yard.

Hanging Pot

Furthermore, there is an easy way to make hanging pots using only used shampoo bottles. By cutting it then decorate or draw according to your creations. Simple hanging pots are complete, you only need to add soil and the plants you want to plant.

Pot of Mineral Water Bottle

There are so many used mineral water bottles, we can actually use them to make beautiful pots. You just need to cut concave in the middle. And fill it with soil and plants you want to plant.

Character Pot

Do you think what the character pot looks like? Is the pot shaped with animal characters? Yes you can make it with the character you like. The materials used are also very simple, it only requires an old plastic bottle (mineral water, or something else), a knife/cutter, acrylic paint, and a pencil for drawing.

Here’s how to make it:

  • make a pattern for the picture that you will place on the plastic bottle. Like the pattern of a bear, rabbit or animal that is your favorite.
  • Then, draw the pattern on a plastic bottle and cut it according to the picture according to the pattern.
  • Next, paint the bottle pieces that already have a paint shape using acrylic and a white base color.
  • Double it with paint colors that match the characters in the pattern you drew earlier. Draw on the eyes, nose and ears on the pattern so that it looks even funnier and looks like a real cartoon.
  • and lastly, dry it until the paint doesn’t melt and the pots made from used bottles are ready to be used as decorations. To be a decorative pot that can be placed or can be given a rope hanger on both sides.

Used Bulbs for Flowers

Bulb technology with incandescent lamps is rarely used today. Many used bulbs can be used as small plant pots. Remove the thread and the incandescent lamp, then fill it with water as a planting medium.

Hang in the corner of your little garden, beautiful isn’t it?

Used Glass and Mug Pots

Now don’t have to worry about thinking about pots to put mini-sized plants. Because you can turn used items into cute plant containers just by using an unused glass or mug. You can grow various plants that can be used for cooking. This is an example of an image that is really suitable as a decoration to sweeten your kitchen.

Pots of Used Tires

If you have used tires at home, it’s better to use them to make pots, rather than letting them become nests and breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Tires can be used as pots to beautify the room, pots from tires will give their own uniqueness and are certainly no less beautiful than other pots.

Pots from Teapots or Kettles

Pots from teapots or kettles give a vintage impression, for those of you who have teapots or kettles that are no longer in use, you can use them as flower pots. You just need to paint it colorfully to give the impression of full color in your yard.