Come on! Take a peek at 8 Decorative Plant Display Designs on the Wall

Come on! Take a peek at 8 Decorative Plant Display Designs on the Wall

Are you looking for a new way to decorate a blank wall in the corner of your house?

If you think that using wallpaper is unattractive, then you can try to bring a living wall or vertical garden on the wall by using ornamental plants.

Here are 8 vertical garden designs with various kinds of ornamental plants that are certainly beautiful and easy to imitate.

Take advantage of existing materials

If you are looking for a simple way to display ornamental plants with simple results, then this design could be the right choice for you.

Choose ornamental vines and then let them hang and grow to follow the shape of a wall hanging made of wire.

Pin ornamental plants between doors and cabinets

Ornamental plants that are suitable to decorate the small area between the door and the wardrobe are ornamental plants that are also small in size.

You can display small young plants in a glass vase to stick and line up on the empty area.

Decorate your kitchen wall

As an alternative, you can also display kitchen spice plants to be used as ornamental plants in your kitchen area.

In addition to adding a fresh feel to the room, you can also use this ornamental plant as an additional kitchen spice when cooking.

Refreshments in the dining area

Including ornamental plants in the dining room area can change the room to be brighter and more pleasant.

Framing windows with vines can also be an option to create a beautiful living wall.

Display on a wooden frame

Enjoying time relaxing in the living area is very comfortable, while watching television or reading the latest magazines.

Adding an art installation in the form of a wooden frame with a display of several ornamental plants will add a sense of comfort and tranquility to the room.

Wreath of flowers

Ornamental plants do not only have to be whole plants, various kinds of flowers can also be created into a living wall.

You can arrange flowers into a strand and hang them on a stick for display.

Bookcase or plant

The next inspiration can be used to create a temporary wall of separation.

You can make this happen by storing a variety of ornamental plants on an open bookshelf.

This corner of the room is no longer empty

Adding a shelf in the corner of the room to display various types of ornamental plants can be an easy option but still beautiful.

Placing it near a window can also help houseplants to receive adequate sunlight.