Characteristics of Soil Suitable for Plants

Characteristics of Soil Suitable for Plants

For those of you who need information about the characteristics of soil suitable for a garden plant, here’s a little review.

Soil fertility can vary depending on the elements that influence it, such as the washing away of the soil layer or soil abrasion, absorption of one nutrient element by one type of plant, evaporation of nutrients such as nitrogen into the atmosphere which will cause soil fertility to decrease.

Fertile soil is very beneficial for humans, because fertile soil will improve the quality of a plant. Because soil that contains a lot of nutrients will need less fertilizer so that it can reduce production costs.

The following is suitable soil for plants from us, Surabaya gardeners

Has a Sandy (Loam) Texture

Fertile soil will have a clay structure that serves to bind various minerals so that it is not easily carried away by water. Except for the clay content, it must be normal and generally located in the middle soil layer.

Because the more clay content in the soil, the better the water absorption process so that it can bind mineral substances in the soil that enter through water drainage.

Has a thick layer of humus

A fertile soil can be identified by observing the thickness of the soil flower or humus. The thicker the soil, it proves that the soil is so rich in organic matter and nutrients that plants can absorb these nutrients as raw materials for carrying out photosynthesis.

There are lots of land animals

There can be a number of small living things that inhabit the soil as an indication that in the soil there are various organic materials that are also needed by microorganisms to support their lives. So microfauna and microflora act as indicators of soil fertility

Has a PH Like Neutral

Good soil must have an appropriate acidity level, it is necessary to know that the normal pH of the soil is in the range of 6 to 8 or in the best conditions it has a pH of 6.5 to 7.5.

Soil with a neutral PH level allows for the availability of a variety of suitable soil chemical elements. Sulfur is also when the soil is too alkaline (> PH 8) needs to be given Possession or sulfur contained in ZA fertilizer (Ammonium Sulfate).

With a neutral pH, plants will more easily absorb nutrient ions and maintain the development of soil microorganisms.

Easy to Grow Various Types of Plants

One of the clues or characteristics of a land is said to be fertile by observing the vegetation that grows on it. The more and more various kinds of plants that grow, the better the quality of the soil.