Classic style houses are never considered outdated, including the implementation of the architecture of the building. This is because the concept of a classic design house that carries the theme of an ancient house is the main attraction for some people. The following are some of the characteristics of a classic style house:

1. The exterior design of the house looks symmetrical

Characteristics of the exterior design of the house from this architectural style, usually seen the presence of distinctive symbols and decorative elements. Where the existence of column pillars and other structural elements in the classic house model is often highlighted. In general, the outside of the house has windows that are arranged more regularly and doors that are wide enough. Even as a whole, the composition of the building also looks symmetrical.

2. The interior design of the house has a distinctive carving

The thing that stands out the most in classic home interiors is the high ceilings and the addition of a large, beautiful crystal chandelier. In addition, it looks decorative in the classic house model with the presence of carved ornaments typical of the classic house model. Where the carvings on the pillars of the classic house model are generally found on the foundation and crown of the pillars. Decorative elements in the form of carvings are also applied to other parts of the building, such as the windows or doors.

3. Use of color elements

The next characteristic of a classic style home design is the use of color elements. Generally, classic home models often appear in bright colors. These colors can stand alone without any additional colors. However, there are also many people who add a little additional color, such as brown and golden yellow, to strengthen the impression of luxury.

4. The division of the room in the house

Usually the classic house model has land that widens to the side to make it look more proportional. Even every room in a classic house has a fairly large size. You can also see the size of the space in the house, such as the living room, family room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, which looks quite spacious. Even more special, usually one room with another room is limited by a solid wall and connected by a long hallway or corridor.

Characteristics of a Classic Style Home Design