Causes of Yellowing Ornamental Plant Leaves

Causes of Yellowing Ornamental Plant Leaves

Ornamental plants are types of plants that are usually placed at home to beautify the home page. Although the maintenance is not too difficult, the leaves of ornamental plants turn yellow very easily. This is known as chlorosis, which is a symptom caused by a reduction in the chlorophyll produced by the leaves. The process of yellowing leaves is very natural, but actually it can also be caused by disease or because there are pests that attack plants. The following are some of the causes of yellowing ornamental plant leaves:

1. Natural Color Change Process

Every plant experiences aging and it is this process that causes the leaves of ornamental plants to turn yellow. This phenomenon can occur if the ornamental plants are quite old. You don’t have to worry about problems with ornamental plants if the leaves turn yellow. When they are old, the leaves on ornamental plants will change color and then fall to the ground.

2. Due to Sun Exposure

Exposure to the sun’s heat can make the leaves of ornamental plants turn yellow naturally. That’s why every plant has certain requirements for sun exposure. If excessive sun exposure, the result is leaf burn. Leaves that turn yellow due to the heat of the sun will also process faster if you don’t water them regularly. It is very important for you to pay attention to the intake limit for water and sunlight needs according to the type of plant you have.

3. Unbalanced Soil Condition

Plants need minerals and nutrients. Yellow leaves are also caused by soil conditions that lack nutrients, such as iron, seing, or nitrogen. Yellowing of ornamental plant leaves can also be caused by unfavorable soil conditions. Soil that is too alkaline, such as alkaline soil is directly related to nutrient deficiency. In soils with a pH above 7, the iron nutrient is less soluble, resulting in a deficiency. Because there are some plants that like acid soil because of their high iron requirements.

4. Poor Watering System

Yellowing leaves of ornamental plants are also caused by a bad irrigation or watering system. Keep in mind that lack or excess of water is not good for the growth of ornamental plants. You should have a clear calculation. If you have difficulty determining it, you can pay attention to the condition of the soil. If it feels dry, you can only water the plants.

5. Plants Affected by Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases can cause problems in plants. These pests can be aphids, mites and caterpillars. They eat part of the plant and cause damage until the plant leaves turn yellow. In addition to pests, there are also diseases that can attack plants such as fungi, bacteria, or viruses. The fungus will make the leaves turn yellow and unfortunately this is not treatable.