Causes of Air Conditioning Leaks and How to Overcome Them | Easy and not complicated!

Causes of Air Conditioning Leaks and How to Overcome Them | Easy and not complicated!

Upset because you often experience leaky air conditioners at home? Do not panic. Come on, find out what causes the air conditioner to leak and how to fix it here! For home owners who install air conditioner (AC) at home, they are certainly familiar with the water dripping from the AC.This problem occurs frequently and greatly disturbs our comfort. Especially if the water droplets from the air conditioner hit the bed or our household utensils. What causes this and how can you solve it?


AC Leaks due to Clogged Drip Water Drainage

If you find water dripping from your AC, this means that your AC has a leak. Why does the AC leak? This is because the water droplets coming from the air conditioner often occur due to the blockage of the AC drip water drainage. Clogged drainage can occur due to dust and dirt that has adhered to the indoor AC unit. If the drain is full of sediment, water will drip through the indoor unit.

The way to deal with a leaky air conditioner because of this is to clean the rear AC gutter drain. Spray the AC drain gutter until all the dirt can come out. Causes of Air Conditioning Leaking due to Condensation Problems The second cause of dripping air conditioner is a problem with condensation. The condensation problem is caused by a fairly high difference in temperature inside the pipe and the temperature outside. Usually this problem occurs in air conditioners that have been used for more than 5 years because the pipe wrapper is no longer suitable for use.

The way to fix a leaky air conditioner because of this problem is that you have to replace the old pipe wrapper with a new one. Do the installation properly so that water drops don’t happen again.

Wrong AC installation

Leaking air conditioners can also occur due to wrong AC installation, such as a slope in the drain. The drain that is not properly tilted can prevent water dripping from the AC unit from coming out into the drain. The way to fix a leaky air conditioner because this is that you have to reinstall the sewer by opening the AC unit casing. After that, adjust the slope again on the drain so that the water can flow properly.

Water Dripping in a Hidden Gap

In some cases, the air conditioner will continue to drip water even though the back gutter has been repaired and the pipe wrapper replaced. This problem is caused by water dripping from the condensation and hidden crevices. The way to overcome this is that you have to find the source of the water droplets. If you know where the water droplets are, fix the problem immediately. It is recommended to call in experts so that the problem can be resolved immediately. Causes of Air Conditioning Leaking Due to Dust and Dirt

One of the causes of air conditioning leaking water drips is the presence of dust, dirt, or other objects that clog the drain. Clogged drain drains allow water to exit the AC unit to other areas of the machine, causing water to drip in an abnormal way. Apart from leaking the air conditioner, dust buildup and mold growth in the air conditioner can also make the air dirty and unhealthy. Block Ice on the Evaporator Due to Less Freon Lack of freon pressure in the air conditioner or AC freon leak can make the evaporator pipe freeze and store chunks of ice. The chunks of ice that fill the AC drainage then melt and cause drops in the room.