Best Building Construction Services

Best Building Construction Services

In building a house, building construction services will make some of the main parts, along with some important elements in a building. A building or house is basically a structure made by humans with some significant elements in it. A kind of support, protector and shaper of the house so it is safe to live in.

Well, to make some of these things happen, the design of the house is often equipped with parts that have each task. This part works and if done properly will ensure the house can last for decades, to hundreds of years.

In carrying out their work in building houses, Building Construction Services generally work in stages in constructing each part of the building. Here are some important elements that are often done to make a home comfortable, and safe to live in.


Now to understand more about the working method of Building Construction Services to build your dream home, it’s a good idea to understand the important parts of a house or building, including the following:

Floor. The floor is an important part of the main building of the house. This element of the house is often used to communicate and is used as a medium for mobilizing people in the house. In need, the floor is often formed more than one, especially for the type of multi-storey building.

The floor is the part of the house that is located at the base of the building, or just above the ground. In building floor requirements, the development process is usually adjusted to the needs and tastes. Because it is related to the selection of the right tile motif.

In terms of totality for the building, the existence of the floor has a very important position. The right development will make the building last for tens to hundreds of years.



As we know, the strength of a building depends on this part of the building. Foundations are usually formed with the aim of supporting the top of the house, while maintaining the position of the building just in place.

The foundation of an ordinary building is made of a combination of concrete with a metal frame that is combined in such a way. In the process there are 2 various foundations which are distinguished based on the method of manufacture.

It is a deep foundation formed by planting the base of the foundation deep in the soil. Meanwhile, shallow foundations are formed in the opposite direction with the soil depth is not very deep. A good foundation is usually placed on solid soil conditions and does not change easily.



Or Sloof beams are often formed and part of the foundation. It is a building framework made of metal chains which are usually reinforced with concrete gluing. Use this part of the house to keep the house in its place, and minimize the formation of damage.

This section serves to withstand excessive loads from above, not only that, it is often used as a laying of stone or brick elements. Calculations and the right installation mechanism will ensure a strong house to stand for a long time.

room. The room in a building or house concept has a function as a barrier. Both the boundaries that separate the inside of the house from the outside, or the partition of a room with other rooms in the house. The cubicle is usually located after the Sloof Beam, which also serves to support the load from above.

In terms of the choice of materials, the cubicles are generally divided into 3 different types. It is a traditional room whose raw materials are natural materials, such as wood, bamboo and so on.

While modern cubicles are made of concrete, with sturdy specifications, and can stand for tens or even hundreds of years. In terms of aesthetics, the third type of room is semi-permanent, which is made from a mixture of traditional and modern rooms.



This section works as an entry and exit of air from inside and outside the house. In addition to making the house safe, this need when filled will make the house always healthy and refreshing.

Several methods are commonly used to build access to this one home facility. One of them is by building winds, which are usually formed above doors or windows. Not only that, this section is also often installed more than one near the house.

Another method is to push doors and windows. This method can be used as an entry and exit of air from outside to inside, and vice versa. This method also makes the house feel fresh naturally because air mobility is very easy.


Late section.

Simply put, this section is used as a support for door and window facilities. Without this, the load from above the house will burden the frame, and in the end this part will quickly get damaged. Especially when there is an earthquake, for this part to have a very significant position.

Latei is usually made by building construction services with materials that can absorb weight well. One of the most universally used materials is wood which is resilient and works well for this task.

Although it sometimes appears, in an aesthetic alibi, some planned homes hide this part. So physically, the house does not have a Latei part, even though it was originally disguised in the form of a frame or painted like a wall.


Roof Section.

In the architectural concept, the top of the house or the roof is usually designed according to needs. In this case there are several types of roofs, such as Saddle, Saws and so on with the characteristics and advantages of each.

The roof is made with the aim of protecting the house from hot weather during the dry season, and cold at night or when it is cold or rainy. This part is made of tough material and is very resistant to water and sunlight.

In the concept of a house or modern area-friendly building, building construction services at work often use the roof for other purposes. It is a medium for collecting rainwater which is channeled to a place for the purification process, before it can be used as clean water.

Roof Construction.

Commonly known as the horses or roof truss, is a support for the roof. The construction of one part of this house usually uses various materials, one of which is wood.

Not only wood, iron, concrete and mild steel are also often used for the roof construction process. A kind of foundation, making with the right calculations, sturdy materials, and the right installation process will make the roof very strong.

Like other parts of house construction, the roof construction process is often planned before the construction process. Because the shape of the roof horses is often related to the overall design of the house.