Besides being beautiful, these plants can also be used as a living fence

Besides being beautiful, these plants can also be used as a living fence

Now ornamental plants are increasingly diverse in shape. One of them is a plant that can be used as a living fence.

The fence is one component that must be in the house.

The fence functions to maintain the security and privacy of the house so that no one can enter it.

Providing a living fence can make a different touch to a home.

Not only that, living fences can also filter pollution so that they are efficacious as medicine.

Come on, take a peek at what plants can be used as living fences!

Boxwood Plants

This Boxwood plant can thrive and grow up to six meters high

A very popular hedge plant because it has several advantages. This boxwood can grow lush and dense with a height of six meters.

Fan Fir Tree which has medicinal properties

Cemara Fan trees are currently quite easy to find in Indonesia. This plant grows tall and can be used as a fence.

Apart from being a fence, this tree has other advantages. The leaves can treat coughs, fever, and diarrhea.

Bougenville Plants

This plant is known as paper flower. Bougenville flowers have very thin petals.

Bougenville plants have different colors, such as red, purple, white, to gold.

This plant can be used as a practical hedge.

Mother-in-law’s tongue is able to filter air pollution

This plant is special because it can filter out harmful compounds such as carbon dioxide. Having this plant can make the air cleaner and fresher.

Besides being used as an ornamental plant, mother-in-law’s tongue can be used for fences, because its height can reach 75 cm.

Cedar Tree

Tall trees including conifers can be a fence for the house. This tree is suitable as a fence for villas or large houses.

However, to grow this tree must be patient to wait. It takes years for this tree to grow tall.