Benefits of using building contractor services and the risks

Benefits of using building contractor services and the risks

When renovating a building, whether it be a house, office, apartment, cafe, shop, or other place of business, a contractor is always needed. The problem that occurs is that not all contractors can fulfill the work according to the quality standards that you ask for. This can occur, among others, due to inexperienced contractor services, choosing contractor services that are not in their field, improper funding arrangements, or other reasons. Therefore, to avoid choosing the wrong building contractor, you should pay attention to the following tips so that you choose the right contractor for your needs.


First, you must be sure of the legality of the building contractor you choose. You can check from the company profile, business card, website, or even the office domicile. We recommend that you choose a contractor service with a business entity such as a Limited Liability Company (PT) or at least a CV. Avoid using contractors who do not have a business entity (or individual business) because there have been many frauds that have ended up being left halfway through or even before starting. Although the price offered is relatively cheaper, when a problem occurs in the middle of a project the tendency is that there is no good faith in repairing or completing the work. So you have to be very careful about this. It’s better to pay a little more but guarantee that your project will run uninterrupted rather than insist on being cheap but not finished.

Second, you can see the portfolio of the company. In a company profile there is usually a portfolio section, which is some work that has been done by the contractor. Learn about the contractor’s client, if there are several company names that you recognize, chances are that the contractor can be trusted.

Business fields

Make sure the field of work you want is right on target, because there are various types of building contractor work fields. Don’t choose a building contractor if you want to do interior renovations, and vice versa. Or you use the services of an electrical contractor to do civil works. So, always make sure that the contractor you choose is in the field that suits your needs.


If you already know what kind of contractor you want to use, you must also know the benefits of using a building contractor. It must be remembered that contractors are very different from contractors in terms of quality of work results, timeliness of work, organizational structure, workforce skills, and business capital. The main benefit of using the services of a contractor is a sense of security, especially regarding funding. With a clear company domicile and bank account number, the funds you provide will be safer. Using a contractor’s services often creates a cheap image, but often the opposite happens. Apart from the unqualified results of the work, there is a possibility that the funds given are lost or run out prematurely.