Benefits of Lighting Design for Minimalist Homes

Benefits of Lighting Design for Minimalist Homes

Lighting design is one of the important aspects that must be in the design of the house and becomes the value of the house itself. Optimal lighting layout is needed to make the right management and this will affect the determination of the function of the room. The quality of lighting produced by the lighting system also greatly determines the comfort of space users. If the quality of the lighting is poor, it is likely to be an obstacle to activities when using the room. The following are the benefits of lighting design for minimalist homes:

1. Support Space Function

Lighting can also provide different functions, support user activities and affect every room that uses a lighting design. For example Ambient lighting provides central lighting. Accent lighting provides lighting that focuses on one particular area or room such as a work area and study table. This will affect the creation of a mood so that it is better if the lighting is used separately.

2. Health

An optimal lighting system can help avoid eye health problems caused by irritation, astigmatism or nearsightedness. Therefore it is important to ensure that the lighting system in each room is fulfilled to support the various needs of space user activities. The lighting system can also affect the health of the building, because good lighting quality can maintain ideal humidity levels. That way the room will be protected from bacteria and the building elements will also remain sturdy and avoid damage due to dampness in the room.

3. Create Illusions in the Room

The right lighting system can create interesting illusions, for example the dining room and kitchen will look wider if equipped with the right lighting design. A narrow room requires a large intensity of light to make it look spacious, if you use dim lighting it will make the room stuffy.

4. Atmosphere for Every Moment

Each room has a different function, so it requires a different impression and atmosphere, this can be done with the right lighting. Different lighting systems can produce beneficial lighting effects and intensity to maximize every moment in the room. For example, when you are in the dining room, you can use brighter lighting so that the atmosphere becomes more uplifting and brighter.