Benefits of Gardening for Health

Benefits of Gardening for Health

Gardening turns out to be good for health

While the pandemic has not ended, there are many new things you can do at home. Learn to cook new menus, learn to sew and make cloth masks, learn to play musical instruments, and also learn gardening.

Not only by women, gardening can also be done by men. There are many types of plants that you can plant as long as they have enough sunlight. It can be types of ornamental plants that are only eye-catching, plants in the form of vegetables and can be cooked, as well as plants that are beneficial for health and beauty.

Make no mistake, apart from practicing skills and discipline, gardening is also very good for health.

Get rid of boredom and stress

Monotonous daily routines can cause stress and burnout. Whether it’s routine at the office, routine at home, routine at work and so on. With gardening you will see and develop your plants from planting the seeds, watching the shoots grow, caring for and maintaining them until they are fertile. This will release the hormone serotonin which functions to improve a happier mood.

As a sporting facility

Who says gardening doesn’t make our bodies fit? By gardening you are already doing physical activity with many movements such as squatting, kneeling, bending and standing. By gardening, you have trained physically to be more active without doing sports movements that you may not like. Of course this can also reduce weight.

Change your diet to be healthy

This point is especially for those of you who choose vegetable or fruit gardening. The fun thing about harvesting is eating your crop. Apart from yourself, the whole family can also be healthy by eating vegetables and fruits from their own garden by eating healthy foods.