All-fragrant, these 8 plants are suitable for natural perfume at home

All-fragrant, these 8 plants are suitable for natural perfume at home

Since the pandemic hit, we are advised to stay at home to prevent transmission of COVID-19. In order to feel at home, you also have to make your living area more comfortable. You can start by introducing air freshener so that the odor disappears. There are natural ways you can choose, namely to put plants that smell good in the room or terrace. Quoted from Country Living and Smart Garden Guide, here are a number of plants with a fresh and fragrant aroma that can make you feel at home for a long time.

1. Gardenia

This plant is known as gardenia. It looks beautiful with white blooms. While the glossy green leaves also look attractive.
Gardenia plants give off a tropical aroma with a sweet and fragrant sensation. Some people call the fragrance quite strong like perfume.

2. Indoor Citrus

At first glance, this plant looks like an orange tree. But indoor citrus has a smaller size with dark green leaves. It smells fresh like orange, lemon, and the like. You can put this plant in the living room or family room to get rid of bad odors. But you have to take care of it so that it doesn’t die easily.

3. Jasmine

Jamine, also known as jasmine, is popular with people. This plant emits a pleasant aroma, is beautiful to look at, and easy to get. Most importantly, the aroma is soft and not overpowering.

This plant has quite large leaves, but small flowers with a yellowish white color. You can put it in the family room or living room because the fragrance can make you feel at home.

4. Scented geraniums

Geraniums come in many varieties with different scents. There are varieties that smell like fruit, nuts, chocolate, and even nutmeg. However, the most popular notes for geraniums are lemon and rose notes.
The shape of the leaves is unique, which is like a round with flowers that look stacked and blooming. Smelling the scent can promote positive feelings and a sense of calm.

5. Orchid

Just like geraniums, orchids, aka orchids, have many varieties with their own distinctive aroma. For example, the Miltoniopsis Herralexander orchid, which smells similar to gardenia.
There is also a type of Cycnoches Wine Delight which smells sweet but spicy. Its beautiful appearance makes this plant a favorite of many people to be used as a plant in the house.

6. Lavender

The scent of lavender is known to have a relaxing physical and psychological effect. The scent is very soft, sweet, but not too harsh. The shape of the plant is very beautiful with long, thin leaves, while the flowers are purple. Many people use this plant as aromatherapy, perfume, or body lotion. Put this plant in your bathroom or bedroom and you will feel calmer!

7. Mint

It is common knowledge that mint is able to overcome all odors. The proof, there are lots of cooking tips or even toothpaste products to use it. The shape of the plant is miniature, the leaves are oval, with the leaf bones that are quite prominent and rough.
The mint aroma tends to be strong, refreshing, feels fresh, and also cold. Put this mint plant in your workspace to keep your spirits up!

8. Frangipani

Frangipani or frangipani has the form of a blooming flower. The number of petals is five and there is a yellow color at the end of the middle of the flower. Some say the description of the aroma is similar to the aroma of orange, grape, coconut, pineapple, and even ginger. Those are some plants that can make your house smell good. Do you have it already?