Aglonema still gets the best fit among Indonesian ornamental plant lovers, the price offered is relatively stable when compared to other types of ornamental plants.

The beauty of the color, pattern, and shape of aglonema leaves is the main attraction for Aglonema plant lovers.

But it’s easy to take care of Aglonema at home. There are several things to consider when treating Aglonema.

One of them is the watering technique, watering Aglonema should not be done carelessly. There are several ways that must be obeyed by the owners so that Aglonema can grow healthy, strong, and fertile.

Flush in the right part

The first way to do is to water Aglonema in the right parts. The part in question is the planting medium, because the roots will channel water to all parts of the plant.

Avoid watering the stems and leaves of aglonema because it will make this plant attacked by fungi, parasites, black spots, and can even kill the plant.

Wet the leaves and stems of aglonema by spraying so that the two parts do not dry out in hot weather and make the leaves look shiny.

The right amount of water

Use a dipper when watering aglonema ornamental plants to ensure the right amount of water.

Avoid watering using a hose because it is difficult to estimate the amount of water used with the tool.

Flush aglonema in a circle, around the planting medium, so that water can be absorbed by all parts of the roots.

Adjust the water dose to the size of the aglonema

Adjust the amount of water that will be used to water the aglonema according to the size of the plant.

Large aglonema plants require more water than medium and small aglonemas.

Adjust to the season and weather

Another thing that must be considered when watering aglonema is the season and weather conditions.

During the rainy season, do not water the plants too often, especially when the planting medium is still wet.

On the other hand, during hot and dry summers, water aglonema every day or every other day.

Adjust to the type of aglonema

Not all types of aglonema have the same watering method. Therefore, knowing the character of the aglonema that is owned is very important.

There are types of aglonema that require a lot of water, but there are also types of aglonema that do not require a lot of water.

Pay attention to the stem, petiole, or leaf size. If the part is small, it means the aglonema doesn’t need too much water.

Meanwhile, if the stem, petiole, or leaf size of the plant is large, it means that the aglonema needs a lot of water

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