How to care for wax cypress plants – There are many different types of evergreen plants that you can find. One of them is a type of wax cypress. This pine is usually used as a yard decoration in a house or office that has a large area. The main attraction of the wax cypress is its tapered shape at the top. Coupled with dark green and terraced leaf color. The presence of wax cypress plants in the home and office area can give its own cool nuance.

Well, for those of you who want to try growing wax spruce, here is how to care for wax cypress plants that you can pay attention to and make a reference. As a rule, wax cypresses are planted in rows. So, when they grow big, the cypress tree will look beautiful and give a fence effect to your land.

Watering technique – How to care for wax cypress plants

One way of caring for an evergreen tree that is important for all types of plants is watering. Without adequate amounts of water, plants will enter a dormant state, or even die from drought. Likewise with the wax cypress plant.

In fact, the wax cypress is one of the least fussy and easy to care for. Including in terms of watering. To get a healthy wax fir tree, you only need to regularly water your plants twice a day.

Then, also pay attention so that the wax cypress planting medium is not flooded. The condition of the planting medium that is too wet can cause the roots of the waxy cypress plant to rot more easily. As a result, wax cypress plants will die faster.

Regularly prune leaves – How to care for wax cypress plants

The wax cypress has a leaf shape that is stratified and conical at the top. To maintain this shape, wax cypresses need to be regularly cared for and pruned. Candle spruce trees are regularly trimmed to give the tree a slimmer shape and a nice look.

At the very least, you can prune the wax fir once every two weeks. With this way of caring for the fir, the shape of your tree is maintained. And your yard will still look beautiful.

Fertilizing the wax cypress – How to care for a wax spruce plant

Just like any other tree, the wax cypress also requires adequate nutrition in order to thrive. A waxy fir that is well nourished will have green leaves and a sturdy tree. For that, you need to do fertilization regularly.

Ideally, evergreen trees are fertilized every two to three months. You can buy fertilizer for cypress trees at your local farm store. Usually, they already know what fertilizer is sufficient. So, all you have to do is ask what kind of fertilizer is suitable for cypress trees.

Choosing good seeds – How to care for wax spruce plants

To get a good tree, good quality seeds also need to be considered. Usually, spruce seedlings come from the grafting process. Therefore, you can look for seeds that look the most healthy.

In general, healthy spruce seedlings have strong stems with dark green leaves. You can find these seeds in various nurseries or flower shops. Also, you can do the grafting yourself if you already have a wax cypress tree beforehand.

How to grow wax spruce – How to care for wax spruce plants

Once you have the wax spruce seeds, you can start planting them. First, first prepare the planting media that you will use. We recommend that the planting medium is a combination of soil with manure or compost with a ratio of 1: 1.

Then make a planting hole with a depth of 25-30 cm, and place the candle pine seeds in the hole that has been made. Then cover again with soil and compact the planting medium so that the tree can stand firm. Don’t forget to water it regularly so that plant moisture and moisture are maintained.

How to choose a field for wax spruce – How to care for a wax spruce plant

The wax cypress has the shape of a large, tall, towering tree. Therefore, to be able to grow well, this tree requires a large area. Candle fir trees that grow in large areas will look more handsome because they get the best nutrients for their growth. How to care for this plant is quite accurate.

Maintain spacing between trees – How to care for wax cypress plants

Don’t forget to also keep some distance between wax cypress trees when planting them. This is rarely necessary so that later the wax cypress can grow better and tidy. Candle spruce trees look more beautiful when planted in groups. Providing distance between plants makes these plants look less crowded when they grow. As a rule, wax cypresses are planted in rows. So, when they grow big, the cypress tree will look beautiful and give a fence effect to your land.

Candle spruce is not suitable for urban land – How to care for wax spruce plants

Although the wax cypress is suitable as a hedge in land, it is not suitable for planting in urban areas. The large size of the cypress tree will make your home page decor will be closed. In addition, tree growth will not be maximized.

Requires a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland – How to care for a wax cypress plant

A mature, waxy spruce can be anywhere from 25 to 30 cm in height. If the land you have is not large enough, the existence of this plant will actually spoil the view. In addition, fir trees planted close to the walls of the house will damage the elements of the house and also make wax cypresses dry

9 Ways to Take Care of Candle Pine Plants to Be Fertile and Healthy
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