9 Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds So It Doesn’t Grow Anymore

9 Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds So It Doesn’t Grow Anymore

Weeds or weeds can grow anywhere, whether in the yard or in the garden. Not only growing on the ground, weeds can also grow sticking out of the sidelines of the paving. The existence of this weed is quite disturbing the view, especially if you are someone who always keeps the garden neat.

Weeds that have been removed can grow again on their own. will share how to eradicate weeds so they don’t grow again. The methods that we will share here use simple ingredients that are easily available. Just choose the most appropriate way to eradicate weeds here.


How to eradicate weeds so they don’t grow again can use very strong chemicals, such as gasoline. This engine fuel contains chemicals that kill weeds and prevent them from growing back.

However, you need to keep in mind that using gasoline to eradicate these weeds can contaminate the soil and other crops, unless you don’t want to use the land for farming anymore.

Mix any type of gasoline with salt, urea fertilizer, and laundry soap (you can use liquid dish soap or detergent). Mix all the ingredients together, then mix with enough water. Spray the gasoline concoction on weeds or weeds, overnight the weeds will die.

This gasoline solution can be a substitute for herbicides if you are having trouble finding the weed control product. The chemical toxins produced by this gasoline solution are almost as lethal as herbicides.


Don’t want to use strong-smelling chemicals? It doesn’t matter, because there is a way to eradicate weeds so they don’t grow again that relies on safe natural ingredients, namely salt. The salt that you normally use for cooking can now be used to kill weeds.

How to eradicate weeds with salt is very easy because you only need to sprinkle a sufficient amount of salt on the weeds and the surrounding area. However, this method is not as fast as eradicating weeds with gasoline. The salt will absorb the water content in the weeds and the surrounding soil so that over time the weeds will die from drying out.


Want to eradicate weeds quickly and thoroughly down to the roots? Try using herbicides. For your information, herbicides are weed control products commonly used for agricultural purposes. Herbicide products are widely sold in plant and agricultural stores.

The way herbicides work is to poison weeds by entering through the leaves and seeping into the roots of the weeds. Weeds that have been contaminated with herbicides will die by themselves. Usually, weeds will not grow back if you use this herbicide. Even if it grows back, it will take a long time for the weeds to grow after being eradicated with herbicides.


No need to be confused about how to eradicate weeds so they don’t grow again. In addition to salt, you can also use vinegar which is usually used for eating or cooking, you know. This highly acidic liquid is known to eradicate weeds with just one use.

Previously, you had to mix the vinegar with dishwashing liquid first. When the two ingredients are well mixed, spray it on the weeds you want to eradicate. No need to spray the roots, just spray the leaves.

The acetic acid in vinegar will kill the weeds slowly but surely. While dishwashing liquid soap can make the vinegar stick to the weed leaves.

Boiling Hot Water

If you don’t have time to buy the ingredients needed to kill weeds, all you need to do is scoop the water to a boil. Then, when it just boils, immediately pour the hot water on the weeds you want to eradicate.

The high temperature of the hot water you pour will kill the weeds straight to the roots. To save water and gas, you can use hot water from boiled eggs, instant noodles, and others.


So far, sulfur is known as a natural ingredient that can overcome various types of skin diseases. However, did you know that sulfur can also be used to complete the method of eradicating weeds so that they do not grow again?

First of all, you need to provide 3 ounces of sulfur, 4 liters of water, 2 kilograms of salt, and 2 bottles of white vinegar. Then, the sulfur, water, and salt that is already available must be cooked until it really boils. After boiling, turn off the heat and add the white vinegar to the ingredients that have been boiled earlier.

After 12 hours, put this sulfur solution in a spray bottle. Then, spray this homemade sulfur liquid on the weeds. If there is any residue, this sulfur liquid can be stored and used to eradicate weeds at a later date.


One more powerful ingredient that you can use to eradicate weeds to the roots. Borax is a chemical compound that is quite well known and can be obtained easily. This time, wants to invite you to use borax to eradicate annoying weeds.

How to use borax to eradicate weeds is very easy, you have to mix borax with enough water. This borax paste is then splashed onto the weeds that grow around you. Borax can kill weeds and prevent their growth in the future.

Baking Soda

Getting rid of weeds is easy, but what if the weeds grow back later? Therefore, you need to take steps to eradicate weeds so they don’t grow again by using baking soda.

Just like when you use borax to kill weeds, you also have to make a baking soda paste first. Then, pour baking soda over the weeds and the soil around them. Baking soda kills weeds by increasing the acidity of the soil. Soil that used to have a normal pH will change to an alkaline pH if it is watered with baking soda.

Coconut Water and Yeast

Weeds have different types. One of the most difficult types of weeds to eradicate is thatch. This grass can grow very quickly and of course makes it difficult for us to clean it.

The solution to eradicate weeds from growing again is to use coconut water and tape yeast. Prepare 2 liters of coconut water, 60 grams of detergent, 25 grains of tape yeast, 1.5 kilograms of urea fertilizer, and kilogram of salt. All these ingredients are mixed little by little to produce a powerful poison to eradicate weeds.