The appearance of a minimalist and clean home interior has become a trend lately. However, there are times when it makes some people feel the house feels monotonous and boring. But don’t worry, there is a way to turn a house that looks empty to be more attractive and colorful, by using house wall decorations. There are many types of home wall decorations that can be used to beautify your home, let’s look at some of them as follows.


Shelf can be considered as a functional home wall decoration. With the shelves, there are many displays that can be placed on the walls, such as photo frames, flower vases, book collections, and other home wall decoration knick-knacks. There are various forms of shelves that can be used to beautify the walls of the house, some are in the form of transverse lines, beams, to hexagons.

Hanging wardrobe

If the shelves are deemed insufficient to accommodate collectibles and displays, then hanging cabinets can be an alternative. Like shelves, hanging cabinets can display collectibles, but with more capacity. Because the size is quite large, make sure you have prepared a blank wall to install a hanging cabinet as a home wall decoration before buying it.


Wallpaper is quite useful for coloring the walls of the room with unique motifs. By installing wallpaper as a home wall decoration, residents can get a fresh room look without having to change the color of the wall paint. Wallpaper can be installed on various walls of the room, such as the family room, living room, and bedroom to create a certain theme and atmosphere.

Photo frame

Even though there is a gallery feature on your phone that can display various photo collections, it’s not complete if you don’t display your favorite photos at home. Photo frames mounted on walls can be knick-knacks for home wall decorations that provide a warm and nostalgic atmosphere for homeowners. To make it look more attractive, arrange photo frames with unique compositions.


In addition to photo frames, typography in the form of motivational words can be an aesthetic home wall decoration. These words can be in the form of frames, sticker prints, or wood. These home wall decoration knick-knacks are widely sold in online and offline stores, or you can also make a custom one at a store that provides handicraft, printing, or furniture services.

Painting is one way to add an elegant impression to the interior of the house. Paintings are suitable to be placed in various corners of the room in the house, such as the living room, family room, dining room, bedroom, and even the bathroom. Choose the type of painting that you like as a home wall decoration to beautify various areas according to the theme of the room.


Like wallpaper, stickers can decorate the walls of the house with beautiful motifs, such as brick motifs, hexagons, flora, fauna, and many more. Installing stickers as home wall decorations is quite easy and practical so it can be done by residents of the house.

Wall clock

Wall clocks are practically always there in both traditional and modern homes. Well, if all this time the wall clock is only seen from the side of functionality, try using a wall clock as part of the home wall decoration knick-knacks. There are various wall clocks with unique and beautiful shapes that are sold in the market, which will certainly make the room more beautiful.


The last minimalist home wall decoration is textiles. Maybe not many people know that textiles or fabrics can be used as home wall decorations. Textiles with traditional Javanese, Balinese, Kalimantan, and Chinese motifs that are displayed on the walls can make the house more warm, artistic, and beautiful.

9 Variety of Home Wall Decorations for a More Elegant Occupancy