9 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean So Virus Diseases Go Away

9 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean So Virus Diseases Go Away

During the pandemic, everyone is required to stay at home. That’s why there is nothing wrong if you learn how to keep the house clean to the maximum. In addition to keeping family members at home healthy, but also keeping the house a comfortable place to live.

Especially when you have work from home, home comfort and cleanliness must be a priority. So that the atmosphere of working at home becomes full of enthusiasm and joy.

Tips for Keeping Your House Clean During a Pandemic

It is undeniable that a house that is kept clean is very important for the comfort and health of its owner. The pandemic period makes everyone have to be more aware of the cleanliness of their homes so that they are free from viruses that can endanger family health. Here are tips to keep your house clean to make it more comfortable and free from harmful viruses.

Make Your Bed Immediately After Getting Up In The Morning

A neat bed is an important focus in keeping the house clean. A bedroom that is rarely cleaned will make dust, mites and mold trapped in it. As a result, the room feels stuffy, damp and can trigger the emergence of disease if not cleaned immediately.

So that the bedroom is always clean, it’s a good idea to make the bed as soon as you wake up in the morning. Don’t forget, sweep it clean so that dust doesn’t get trapped in the room and becomes a nest of viruses and bacteria. In addition, regularly change pillowcases, bolsters, bed linen and if the weather is sunny, you can dry the mattress in the sun.

Clean the Floor Regularly

The focus of the next house cleanliness is on the floor surface, both inside and outside the house. To clean the floor, you can adjust to the type of floor used at home.

On the inner floor of the house, you can sweep it first to remove dust or other dirt. Before that, it’s a good idea to clean the dust on other furniture before sweeping the floor.

If there are carpets and the like, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust more thoroughly. Only after that, use a floor cleaner with an antiseptic liquid to mop the surface of the floor of the room that has been cleaned of dust.

So that the cleanliness of the floor is always maintained, don’t forget to regularly sweep the floor every day. To mop the floor can be adjusted to the conditions or at least once every three days.

Don’t let the laundry pile up

So that the cleanliness of the house is maintained, don’t let the dirty clothes pile up too much. Because this can be a nest of mosquitoes and trigger the emergence of fungi that can cause disease.

For that, it’s a good idea to wash dirty clothes at least every two days, especially if there are quite a lot of family members at home.

However, if you only live alone, it can be more adapted to the activities you are doing.

Clean the bathroom regularly

In addition to the bedroom and main room, the cleanliness of the bathroom must also be considered. Because this room is a place for everyone to clean themselves and defecate, so it is arguably the most crucial in a dwelling. So it is important to always keep it in a clean and well-maintained condition, in order to provide a comfortable feeling when used.

The first part that needs to be cleaned in the bathroom is the bathtub, because it is used as a water reservoir. Continue in the WC, bathroom floor, sink to walls and bathroom curtains which can be a hotbed of harmful microorganisms.

To clean every corner in the bathroom, you can use a special cleaning liquid or disinfectant. Don’t forget to dry all corners and all the furniture in the bathroom to dry to minimize the appearance of mold.

Throw Out Items That Are No Longer Used

One way to keep the house clean is to throw away items that are no longer used (decluttering). Although it is not easy to choose what items or objects to throw away, because all of them are considered valuable. But you have to do it if you want the cleanliness of the house to be maintained properly.

The trick can be started by choosing items that are really no longer used in private rooms, such as wardrobes, dressing tables and so on. Then proceed to the bathroom, kitchen and warehouse to sort out what items to get rid of. If you want your house to be kept clean, don’t leave your house full of unused used items.

Clean the Kitchen After Use

A clean kitchen is the key to family health, so don’t be lazy to clean it, especially after you finish cooking. Because the kitchen is dirty and rarely cleaned will trigger the emergence of bacteria to viruses. Especially on the stove table which is often exposed to oil spills, cooking gravy, sauces to pieces of vegetables and so on

That is why the kitchen, especially the stove table, must be cleaned immediately after cooking. Try to immediately clean it with antiseptic liquid thoroughly, so that when you use it again, the kitchen is more comfortable. Don’t forget to also clean the dishwasher area so that there are no flies that appear carrying bacteria.

Sterilize Tableware and Cooking Used

Eating and cooking utensils must be kept clean so that food is not contaminated with bacteria. To keep the equipment sterile, rinse it with warm water after previously washing it with dish soap.

Then dry immediately with a dry, clean cloth or tissue. Keep in mind that damp eating and cooking utensils can trigger the appearance of mold and bacteria. So make sure before storing it, all equipment is dry.

Spray Disinfectant all over the house

In addition to keeping kitchen utensils and cutlery in clean and sterile conditions, make sure all objects in the house must also be sterile. Especially objects that are often held, such as doorknobs, refrigerators, remotes, tables, cell phones, to computer mice and so on. Because hands can be a means of transferring viruses and harmful bacteria that are not visible.

For this reason, it is important to spray disinfectant liquid over the entire surface of these objects. Don’t forget to also use hand sanitizer to clean the surface of your hands before and after touching anything.

Keep Anything in Its Place

When you store things at home in their proper place, this can be an important step to prevent contamination from one item to another. If necessary, you can use special storage areas to store objects, such as blankets, children’s toys, and kitchen furniture.

The key to a clean house is how you as a home owner, whether diligent or lazy. If you want a clean and comfortable home, then don’t be lazy to clean the house. But don’t just clean it, you also need to pay attention to more details.