Choosing garden tools actually depends on the type of plant and the concept of the garden. But there are garden tools at home that are a must have and will always be needed. Choosing garden tools actually depends on the type of plant and the concept of the garden. But there are garden tools at home that are a must have and will always be needed.

Gardening activities will be easier, productive, and fun if you use the right tools. Not only beginners, even experienced gardeners need to be armed with the right tools to help them create a beautiful garden.

Often novice gardeners don’t know what gardening tools to have the first time. The series of types of garden tools ranging from hoes, shovels, scissors with various prices and quality is quite overwhelming.

Choosing garden tools actually depends on the type of plants and the concept of your garden. However, there are tools that almost every gardener will always need.

Gardening Gloves

This hand protection is the first must-have item for the garden hobbyist. Citing Garden Buildings Direct, gloves are very useful to protect hands from dangerous objects or things.

For example, when spreading plant fertilizers, gloves are a barrier to the entry of bacteria in the dirt from the fertilizer.

In addition, wearing gloves can prevent injury from scratching thorny plants or foreign body debris on the ground.

Avoid using cotton gardening gloves because the thorns can easily get caught and tear the fabric. Instead, choose nylon, leather, or bamboo fiber. In addition to being durable, these synthetic gloves prevent your hands from getting wet and wet.


Not only for beginners, but the average garden or garden owner, of course, has a tool like a shovel.

Usually, this tool is useful for transferring fertilizer, mulch, or soil into pots when planting seeds. Or dig and chop the surface of the soil that is not too large.

The materials and sizes of shovels vary, some are made of iron, steel, plastic. The sizes also start from small, medium, large. So, please choose the type of shovel according to your needs for gardening. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a good quality shovel as a long-term investment.

Earth Fork

An earthen fork is one of the most versatile garden tools. An earthen fork can be used to break up compacted soil, make holes for seeds, mix and stir, remove rocks and weeds, soften hard soil, and aerate (perforate) the soil.

In addition to making excavation work easier, three to four thick, sharp, and strong fangs will more easily break and penetrate solid soil than a regular shovel or hoe.


Another must-have garden tool at home that is indispensable is a hoe. Almost similar in function to a shovel and a fork.

But the hoe is more suitable to help the process of digging soil that has a less dense texture.

Hoes are also often used to make holes in the ground, especially when planting seedlings or seeds for large trees. In addition to simplifying the planting process, a hoe is also needed for weeding.

This versatile garden tool actually has several types. But the common hoe and the Dutch hoe are both multifunctional and useful types of hoes for the gardener.

Crop Scissors

Illustration. Scissors are a must-have garden tool at home to make cutting branches or leaves easier.

This sharp object is useful as a cutting tool or trimming damaged plant parts to make it look neater.

Shrubs and trees need to be shaped and pruned regularly. Not to mention if woody weeds such as grass appear that need to be trimmed too.

With scissors, trimming and shaping plants will be easier and faster.

There are many types of plant shears as a complement to this garden tool. Some of them are deluxe scissors for cutting small branches or twigs.

Furthermore, if you have a small garden area, the tall grass can be trimmed using a grass cutter, namely grass shears that are not too large. You just have to adjust the type of scissors to the needs and types of plants you have in the garden.

Plant Pots

Illustration. Pots are garden tools at home that you must have, especially for gardeners with narrow yards.

Not everyone has adequate land for farming, for example, urban people with limited green land around their homes.

However, planting media such as pots are very suitable to overcome the problem of lack of land. These planting containers come in many sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

In fact, the materials of the pots are also varied, so that they can be easily adjusted according to individual wishes when planting.

Soil pH Meter

Different regions, different types of soil. Perhaps this soil pH meter tool is needed, so that it can first detect pH levels in a soil.

In some cases, there are plants that are difficult to thrive and even fail to grow because there is no match with the soil.

So, this soil pH meter is optional. If it is really needed, it can be purchased at a garden supply store.


Simple care in gardening definitely requires water so that the plants do not dry out until they wither.

For that, it is necessary to have a hose so that the water supply for the plants is evenly distributed. Usually the hose is used for gardens with large land sizes.

To make it easier to water the plants, equip the hose with a nozzle or spray controller that can produce water that resembles raindrops and reaches further areas.

Meanwhile, for home gardens that are not too large, you should use a watering pot to accommodate water so that watering activities become more practical and don’t get muddy everywhere.

Anti-pest Spray Tool

Illustration. An insecticidal sprayer is a must-have garden tool at home so that plants are not easily damaged.

Anti-pest sprays have been widely sold, especially in plant stores or gardening tool providers with a variety of sizes.

The function of the tool is to improve plant maintenance, because it needs to be considered properly.

Having a garden planted with various plants, is not just diligent in watering it.

However, plants also need more protection such as anti-pests to maintain plant health and avoid damage.

The nine garden tools at home that are a must have and become a basic need for farming activists.

Aside from garden tools, you should also be diligent about fertilizing and cleaning your plants to ensure they grow healthily. Happy gardening.

9 Must Have Garden Tools at Home