9 Latest Mini Indoor Garden Designs, Small Houses So Beautiful!

9 Latest Mini Indoor Garden Designs, Small Houses So Beautiful!

Who says small houses can’t have green areas? With the inspiration of this indoor garden, it’s guaranteed that even a small house can be beautiful! Presenting an indoor garden, aka a garden in the house, may be almost everyone’s dream. The reason is, the presence of a garden in the house can create a beautiful and fresh impression. In a large area, making an indoor garden is not a big problem, because there is a lot of land that can be used.

But, what about a small house with minimal empty space? Of course the home owner has to be resourceful to be able to present a green area in the house! Lots of indoor garden inspiration from Instagram home-decor activists But don’t worry, some of the gardens in the house by home-decor activists on Instagram can give you inspiration. They succeeded in proving that limited land was not an obstacle to making houses green. In full, let’s see together!

Detachable indoor garden

Synthetic grass is often chosen to make a garden in the house. But the problem is, when it rains, the grass will get wet and must be dried like a carpet. This room has just been made like a garden only in dry conditions. When it rains, he keeps the cushions and other decorations, then folds the synthetic grass carpet. Brilliant idea right?

Mini garden beside the laundry room

Washing in the sun is one of the boring activities because it is done every day. How to make it is very easy because the garden above is a dry garden. Simply add coral stones to the floor, then place some ornamental plants in pots. The placement of a minimalist plant shelf whose color is adjusted to the color of the house is another point that makes this garden aesthetically pleasing. Indoor dry garden next to the dining room

Do you know? Even an empty space of 1 meter wide can be transformed into a garden! Making use of the remaining space next to the dining room, he turned it into a dry garden. The roof in the garden is made transparent so that light can enter optimally.

Indoor enclosed garden

Who says only ornamental plants can be placed in the house? Food plants can you know! Unexpectedly, his kaffir lime plant can still thrive even though it is planted indoors. The key is sufficient sunlight. That is, if you want to make a garden in the house, the roof should still be made as good as possible even though it is closed, so that sunlight can enter optimally.

Indoor garden as well as a place to relax

Want to make the garden area multi-functional? Can! The surrounding decorations are also made in line with the bohemian rustic theme. For those of you who want to imitate this one garden design, make sure the garden is always dry so that you and your guests stay comfortable when chatting!

Garden in the house as a place to relieve stress

Made the garden area in this house a ‘healing space’, especially during the pandemic, which required everyone to frequently #dirumahaja. On the floor, he chose a combination of synthetic grass and wood decking tiles.

Terracotta-colored earthenware pots are neatly arranged on the plant shelf, and the minimalist white chairs make this room even more aesthetically pleasing. When watering the plants, she is not afraid that the synthetic grass will have problems because the sunlight is still perfect thanks to the transparent roof she uses, so that the synthetic grass dries up immediately. .

Semi-outdoor rear garden

There are some tips from this couple in making a semi-outdoor dry indoor garden, aka without a roof as above. One of them, pay attention to the drainage pathways and provide biopores to help water infiltration back into the ground, so that when it rains, the water does not stagnate until it floods. How nice is the back garden?

Mini indoor garden as well as children’s play area

After the pandemic emerged, the garden behind the housetransformed into a children’s play area. Even though the land is limited, he wants his children to feel like they are in an outdoor playground. So, become a dry garden with a swing next to this dining room. Even the giant cactus on the edge of the wall doesn’t have thorns, making it safe for children to play.

Mini garden with vertical plant shelves

The bathroom to the mini bar takes up 3x3m of land, the rest is used as a garden. To get around the narrow land, he chose a vertical garden shelf placed on the wall. Great idea to save space!