9 Advantages of Using Polycarbonate for Greenhouse

9 Advantages of Using Polycarbonate for Greenhouse

In recent years, polycarbonate greenhouses have become increasingly popular and are ready to beat the use of glass materials as the main material for greenhouses. Those of you who have a hobby of farming at home certainly really care about the condition and health of plants, for example by giving the best fertilizers to spending more to make a greenhouse. Greenhouses or greenhouses are generally used to protect plants from erratic weather, bad air, and other external disturbances. Putting the plants in a greenhouse will make optimal plant growth from the beginning of seeding, storage, to cultivation.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Basically a greenhouse is a building made of thick glass or plastic material. The inside of the greenhouse is also equipped with a tool that functions to regulate the temperature and humidity of the air, as well as the distribution of water and fertilizers. However, now the use of glass as a greenhouse material is being replaced by polycarbonate. For a cheaper price and with a lighter weight, you can choose clear polycarbonate as an alternative. Here are 9 benefits that you will get if you use a polycarbonate greenhouse:

Better Thermal Insulation

The most important aspect of greenhouses is their insulation properties. Using polycarbonate will improve thermal insulation, resulting in less heat loss. Overall, polycarbonate has a higher average temperature than ordinary greenhouses. The better the insulation, the more effective the plant growth will be. Improved heat insulation is the key to all greenhouse performance and effectiveness.


One of the characteristics of polycarbonate is high durability. Its light weight makes polycarbonate very easy to install and move, so you don’t need a contractor if you want to make repairs or changes to the polycarbonate greenhouse.

Not Easily Broken

Unlike glass, polycarbonate is resistant to a variety of impacts, such as balls, ice cubes, and even rocks. The use of glass material has a higher risk, because broken glass in the form of large and sharp pieces can injure. While polycarbonate will be divided into small pieces, so the risk of injury is smaller. greenhouse using polycarbonate twinlite solartuff Greenhouse application using polycarbonate

Light Diffusion and UV Protection Coating

It will be better if the light differs in the planting area if you use polycarbonate. This is influenced by polycarbonate sheets which are thicker than standard glass sheets. That way each plant will get the same levels of sunlight. However, the polycarbonate layer has a natural ultraviolet filter that will protect plants from the dangers of excessive ultraviolet radiation.

Planting Season Throughout the Year

The overall performance of the greenhouse will be significantly improved when you use polycarbonate. One of them will naturally extend the growing season. You can plant and harvest more crops all the time. That way, you don’t need a lot of money, electricity, and time to create artificial heat. This advantage will provide more benefits for those of you who intend to sell horticultural products.

Various Shapes and Sizes

As a popular material, polycarbonate is available in various shapes and sizes. One of them is a modular design, where the size of the polycarbonate per sheet can be modified according to your needs, such as increasing or decreasing the area of ​​the polycarbonate sheet. The existence of this modular design makes it easy for you to adjust the shape and structure of the material for your garden.

Faster Installation

With a lighter weight, polycarbonate installation becomes easier and faster to do. Building a greenhouse using polycarbonate only takes one day and can be done without a contractor. In contrast to glass material that requires several days and professional staff.

Affordable prices

In the past, polycarbonate greenhouses were more expensive. However, since then the performance of polycarbonate greenhouse has increased quite significantly, so that the price is now more affordable. This is mainly due to scientific advances that have perfected the chemical process of making polycarbonate.

Order Modification

Polycarbonate greenhouses generally use wooden frames, while ordinary greenhouses use steel / metal frames. The wooden frame will make maintenance simpler and give you the opportunity to modify the frame design to suit your style. Steel / metal frames are more difficult to modify. Overall, the use of polycarbonate for greenhouse purposes will provide a more effective performance impact on plant growth, as long as the treatment is carried out properly. Are you interested in buying or building a polycarbonate greenhouse? You may consider using Twinlite and Solartuff polycarbonate as your options.