Here are some tips to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

  1. Water is an important element for the health of your lawn. There are times when the grass does not get enough water which usually occurs in the dry season, so more intensive watering is needed in the morning and evening. Excess water conditions are also not justified, because it will cause decay in the grass.
  2. Fertilizing is one thing that needs to be done at least once every three months. Use fertilizer, mix a little fine sand on the fertilizer so that it is distributed more evenly.
  3. Grass that is often stepped on, the soil will be solid and harden. This will affect the growth of the grass. Grass requires air for growth. Therefore, it is necessary to inject by making holes with a plant fork as deep as 5-10 cm with a distance of 10-15 cm. Then fill it with sand or fine humus. The holes will help the plant to absorb water and fresh air into the soil.
  4. Keep the grass high to 2.5-3 cm, so that the grass grows well and looks beautiful. Likewise, pruning too much will cause dryness at the base and the grass looks bald.
  5. The use of flush tools such and sprayer will be better because the water is given smoothly and evenly.
  6. The use of organic fertilizers needs to be done so that the soil remains loose and is expected to accelerate the process of absorption of food by plants.
  7. Do pruning at least once a week. Especially for the rainy season, usually your grass will grow faster, so trimming should be more frequent.
  8. Clean your ornamental grass from weeds that interfere with its beauty and growth. Try to pull the weeds by the roots, with the help of a garden knife.
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