8 Ways to Clean the Most Effective Wood Floors

8 Ways to Clean the Most Effective Wood Floors

If you are one of the homeowners who use wood as a flooring material, then it is important for you to know a number of ways to clean wooden floors. The reason is, these ways can care for and keep the wood shiny.

How to clean a wooden floor also turns out to be very easy, not as complicated as imagined. Moreover, the materials used to clean wooden floors are easy to obtain.

Difference Between Wood Floor and Parquet Floor

Before discussing further how to clean wooden floors, it’s a good idea to first know the difference between wood floors and parquet floors.

Because, there are still many people who don’t know the difference between wood floors and parquet floors.

They still think that wooden floors are the same as parquet floors. The only difference is the name.

In fact, a wooden floor is a whole piece of wood that is made into a floor, by installing it one by one using screws.

In contrast to parquet flooring, which is a collection of original or pressed wood chips, which are then used as interior and exterior concrete floors.

From this definition, it can be seen that wooden floors and parquet floors are two different types of floors, even though they are built with the exact same material.

To be able to tell which floor is wood and parquet, you can see it from the side profile of the floor.

If the side profiles are interlocked with each other, then reinforced using spikes, then it is definitely a parquet floor, not a wooden floor.

But keep in mind, both wooden floors and parquet floors, both of which are people’s favorite types of flooring.

Seen from its use that has spread in many commercial houses, as well as large buildings.

Natural Ingredients for Cleaning Wooden Floors

After knowing the difference between wood floors and parquet floors, then you will know a number of natural materials that can be used to clean wooden floors.

Of the many natural materials available, some of which are able to effectively clean wooden floors, namely:

  •     Baking soda can remove oily and streaky stains on the floor.
  •     Vinegar, can lift stubborn dirt on the floor.
  •     Wheat bread, can remove ink stains.
  •     Lemon water is able to eradicate germs and bacteria.
  •     Tea, is able to make the floor free from stubborn dirt and dust.
  •     Olive oil, able to clean wooden floors to be cleaner and shiny.

How to Clean Wooden Floors

As promised at the beginning of the article, We will provide a number of correct and effective ways to clean wooden floors.

These methods are certainly very easy to do, and only visible results, if done regularly.

To find out how to clean the wooden floor in question, let’s take a look at the following reviews!

Sweep the floor regularly

The first way to clean wooden floors is by sweeping the floor regularly. The point is that you need to sweep the floor in the direction of the wooden floor pattern.

It is intended that dust and dirt that is on the sidelines of the wooden floor, can be swept and cleaned to the maximum.

For some people, dust may be considered a trivial thing, because it looks like it will not damage the wooden floor.

But actually, dust that has accumulated for a long time has the potential to cause scratches on the floor surface, and make it look dull.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you should sweep the floor regularly, following the pattern of the wooden floor in your room.

Routinely mop the wooden floor

In addition to sweeping, of course, another way to clean wooden floors that needs to be done is mopping.

You might think that wood that is often exposed to water will be easily porous and damaged. Actually this is not a wrong thing, but the activity of mopping the wooden floor must still be done so that the dust and dirt that sticks can be completely removed.

However, there are several things that need to be considered in mopping a wooden floor, one of which is wringing the mop properly.

Make sure the mop that will be used to clean the floor is not too wet, so that the wooden floor is not easily damaged.

Because if the mopping technique used for wooden floors is the same as for ceramic floors, the wooden floors will swell and the adhesive material will easily come off.

If this is still done, later on the wooden floor will be more easily moldy and the wood will become brittle.

Don’t pry dirt on the floor with a sharp object

Even if there is dirt or objects stuck between the wooden floors, you should never forcefully pick up dirt or objects using sharp objects.

Because, it will only damage the surface of the floor. There is a good and effective way to clean wooden floors, namely by using a microfiber cloth that has been given a little water.

After that, rub a microfiber cloth on the dirty wooden floor, so that it returns to its shiny clean again.

Clean the wooden floor using a vacuum cleaner

The fourth way to clean wooden floors is to use a vacuum cleaner. As is known, a vacuum cleaner can clean dirt, even down to the smallest particles.

Therefore, cleaning wooden floors using a vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest ways to do it.

You can clean wood floors with a vacuum cleaner, at least once a week so that the quality of the wood is maintained well for years.

Clean the dirt with a dry cloth

In fact, a dry cloth can also be used to clean wooden floors, you know! However, dry rags are more devoted to cleaning up liquid dirt, such as water spills.

How to use a dry cloth in this case is also very easy, which is enough to rub the affected part of the liquid until it is dry, and the water does not seep into the wooden floor.

Remove stains with vinegar solution


In sixth place is removing stains with a vinegar solution. Here, the vinegar solution is useful for lifting stubborn dirt on the floor, such as mud stains, soil and so on.

How to make a vinegar solution is very easy, namely by mixing 60 ml of vinegar into 1000 ml of water.

After that, take a mop, then mop the wooden floor with stubborn stains with the vinegar solution until clean.

When you are finished, you can continue by mopping the wooden floor a second time using clean water, to remove the remaining vinegar on the floor surface. How, very easy isn’t it?

Polish the floor with special products

Who among you wants your room’s wooden floors to look shiny? It seems like everyone wants to have a floor like that.

Now, specifically for wood floors, you can polish the floor with a special lubricant product, so that the wood floor looks more naturally shiny.

For how to use it, you can use a special lubricant every few months, to restore the natural color of the wood floor.

But before using the product, you must first carefully read the instructions for use.

The goal is clear, namely to minimize the risk of errors or damage that occurs due to the use of special lubricant products.

Choose and use the right cleaning agent

The last way to clean wooden floors is to use the right cleaning agents.

You can use scented floor cleaners, as long as they don’t contain certain chemicals that can damage the texture and color of the wood floor.

Because, there are several chemicals that can damage wooden floors, including porcelain, detergents, bleaching agents and so on.