8 types of pests that can cause crop failure

8 types of pests that can cause crop failure

When planting plants in the field or yard, our pet plants may die because they are attacked by pests. To overcome this, we must know the types of plant pests that attack and then eradicate them in the right way. Pests are nuisance organisms that can cause plants to get diseased. If left alone, you will not succeed in harvesting the plants you have planted. These pests can be in the form of animals and parasites, such as fungi. Although it is harmful to plants, it does not mean that pests cannot be destroyed. Extermination cannot be done because each type of pest needs to be handled in a different way. The following are the types of pests that you should know and how to deal with them:

1. Rat

Rats are one example of a pest plant that is most detrimental to farmers. Usually attacks field mice during the nursery, growth, harvest, and storage period. This pest is difficult to control because it reproduces and spreads quickly. Usually rats eat seeds, plant tubers, and fruits. The most effective way to repel mice is to release natural enemies in the field, such as cats or rice field snakes.

2. Fruit Flies

This type of pest usually attacks the fruit during the rainy season. Fruit flies will directly pierce the fruit to lay eggs in the fruit. Later the eggs will hatch late and eat the fruit until it is rotten and damaged. To overcome this, we can spray insecticides on plants and set sex pheromone traps.

3. Planthopper Pests

The form of this one plant pest is very small. If it has attacked, this plant pest will make the plant become hollow. In more severe conditions, this pest can make the leaves turn yellow, dry out, and die. To overcome this, you have to spray pesticides on plants that are attacked by leafhoppers.

4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a plant pest that often damages rice fields. They can damage crops by laying eggs on the leaves of rice plants. Later the eggs hatch into green nymphs. This nymph then sucks the liquid from the plant it infests. How to deal with stink bugs is to spray insecticides on rice plants or do sanitation on plants that have been attacked.

5. Spider Mite

Mites are one of the most dangerous types of plant pests because they absorb nutrients from plants. This type of pest is difficult to eradicate because it is resistant to insecticides. The solution, you can use acaricide which is a toxic chemical to kill animals such as mites, spiders, and ticks.

6. Artona

Artona is a type of caterpillar that usually lives in coconut trees. When they are big, they will eat coconut leaves and bones. Actually, you can find artona before she grows up. Newly hatched caterpillars will leave dots on the leaves. If you find this, you can directly attack the coconut leaves so that the caterpillars and cocoons are immediately thrown away.

7. White Fleas

For those of you who maintain ornamental plants, you have to be careful because there is a possibility that the plants are attacked by mealybugs. Although small, these animals are easy to see because of their characteristics and often clustered on the leaves of plants. To eradicate it, you simply mix the liquid with water and then pour it on the affected leaves. After that, spray the plants using an insecticide.