18 Outdoor Ornamental Plants That Are Easy To Care For

8 Outdoor Ornamental Plants That Are Easy To Care For

Planting outdoor ornamental plants in the yard of the house not only makes the house more beautiful, but also makes it more beautiful and cool. Especially if the outdoor ornamental plants that you plant consist of various types of ornamental plants that are different in terms of shape, size to color. This will certainly make your outdoor or garden appearance more lively and natural. There are many types of outdoor ornamental plants that you can choose from and can be adjusted to your tastes and the garden design concept you want. But in choosing outdoor ornamental plants, you also have to pay attention to how to care for them.

1. Tabebuya flowers

One of the outdoor ornamental plants that will make your home look beautiful is the tabebuya flower. Tabebuya is a tree that has flowers similar to cherry blossoms when viewed from a distance. Like the cherry blossoms, the tabebuya flowers will fill up the tree branches when they bloom. The flowers are trumpet shaped and are most commonly found in pink. But actually not only pink, tabebuya also has other flower colors that are very striking and bright, such as yellow and white, which are very attractive to the eye. Given the trees that can grow tall, Tabebuya flowers are suitable for planting in a large enough home garden or in front of your house.

2. Japanese fern

The next ornamental plant that is great for growing outdoors is the Japanese fern. As we know, ferns are identical to the shape of lacy leaves and grow creeping in spacious ground. However, Japanese fern has a difference from fern plants in general. Japanese fern looks more unique because it has a unique leaf color, such as being painted silvery purple (silver). Even though it is classified as a small outdoor ornamental plant, Japanese fern is able to beautify the appearance of your home garden. Japanese ferns work best in a slightly shaded area, but still exposed to the sun. Make sure the soil is in consistently moist conditions. You don’t want the soil to dry out, as the Japanese fern leaves will lose their brown color.

3. Fir Wind

The next type of outdoor ornamental plant that is suitable to be planted in tropical areas and is resistant to hot weather is Wind Pine. This tree can reach up to 5 meters in height with thin, soft leaves that sway easily in the wind.
This type of fir can be used to decorate the front yard of the house to make it look more shady and filter dust from the road. Especially if your house is right on the side of a big road. To thrive, this plant, called Latin Casuarina junghuhniana or Casuarina equisetifolia, requires sunlight and regular watering.

4. Geraniums

Geraniums or often known asĀ  are one of the outdoor ornamental plants that can enhance your outdoor appearance. This one plant has a variety of flower colors with a fragrant aroma. Generally, the flowers are orange red, with a white tip. If your home garden is filled with these flowers, then your garden will look very pretty and beautiful. Interestingly, geraniums can also be used as an ornamental plant to repel mosquitoes. This plant is very suitable for planting in tropical areas like Indonesia, because it can adapt very well to hot weather.

5. Mini Yellow Bamboo

Furthermore, there are mini yellow bamboos that you can make the right outdoor ornamental plants to enhance the outside appearance of your home. Mini yellow bamboo is an ornamental bamboo with yellow branches or stems, small or slender stem size, not large, and not large in growth.

Mini yellow bamboo is best planted in rows and in groups to make it look beautiful in clumps. This plant is also suitable as a barrier plant. This bamboo can grow up to a maximum of 3 meters high. Another benefit of ornamental bamboo is that it acts as a windbreak and of course reduces noise and air pollution.

6. Canna

The next outdoor ornamental plant that you can plant in front of your house or in the garden behind your house is canna. Canna is a large leaf ornamental plant with very fine yellow and green streaks. This one plant has a leaf shape that resembles a banana leaf but is smaller in size. Canna also has striking red, yellow and orange flowers.

Even though it does flower, many people remove the flower stalks so that Canna can focus on growing on the leaves. Canna is very suitable to be planted in tropical regions because it likes hot weather and water.

7. Carambola Cactus / Cowboy Cactus

Cactus is an ornamental plant that can live in indoor or outdoor areas. Now, one type of cactus that can make your outside look more beautiful is the star fruit cactus, aka cowboy cactus. Having the Latin name Cereus peruvianus, the star fruit cactus really likes sunlight but doesn’t like a lot of water. Star fruit cactus can grow up to 10 meters high and will grow branches when the shoot point is damaged

8. Red Spinach (Iresine herbstii)

The ornamental plant with red spinach leaves is a member of the spinach family. Unlike the vegetable red spinach, this plant is not for consumption. This red leaf outdoor ornamental plant is suitable to be planted as a garden decoration, commonly used as a ground cover and as a border or short fence. If you want to grow this spinach, you have to make sure it gets enough sunlight, so that the leaves don’t look dull and opaque. This red spinach is very easy to breed, easy to plant and fast growing.